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Friday, November 12, 2010

Way to Finish the Week

T G I F - What a wonderful ring - Thank God it's Friday!

Most people would say this sigh is one of relief- The week is over. Yeah!

That's not the case in my last period class on Fridays. Eighteen 6th graders file in asking, "Do we get to hear about Bruce today?"

They are referring to Bruce Olson, a missionary  friend of mine who has now become their friend.

My 6th graders met him in September and since then we have been reading his book, For This Cross I'll Kill You, a little each week, gathering up excitement, causing wide eyed exclamations and deep from their hearts begging, "Please read a few more pages."

So each Friday I have set up a win win situation. At an hour and time when most 6th graders are climbing out of their skins causing their teachers major angst, my favorite cherubs are sitting still in their desks, waiting anxiously to hear how the next episode will end. Of course they realize that the stories I am reading to them, I first heard live from the one who wrote the book- maybe even before most people in the world even knew of this missionary, hero. .

What is it about his story they love?

The open and real heart of a boy who was never good enough to play athletics. The confessions of a young kid who didn't fit in. The outporing of a youth who wondered for a long time, "Who is my God?"

They are enthralled with his wild lost-in-the-jungle tales. His encounters with the spears that land deep in the muscle of his leg cause shreeks from the girls and groans from the boys. His diet of grubs, parrots, and monkeys bring "awesome" from the 12 year old boys and "no way" from the girls.

They love to hear the stories and they hate to hear them. They are conflicted yet adicted to Bruce's story- how he felt God calling him to the jungles of South America to reach a tribe never been reached by God's Word.

Doesn't matter how the week has progressed, what has gone wrong, or what tomorrow looks like, Bruce's story has a way of putting life into perspective.

You see he gave his life away at the young age of 19 in order to walk into the jungles and risk his life (he truly nearly died). He sacrificed comfort in the United States, the opportunity to earn a college degree, a chance for a family of his own,  - he gave it all up to bring the message of Good News to a remote tribe in Colombia.

His adventures are powerful. His life is a testimony. It never fails. Year after year I read this story with always the same response. "Please don't stop. Tell us more!"

Are you looking for a good family read these holidays. Find yourself a copy of this book and sit down with your children for a good, old fashion read. 


Anonymous said...

Is this a different book by Bruce Olsen or just another title for his book "Bruchko"? My boys LOVE Bruchko! I'm hoping this is another book, so we can keep reading of his life and adventures serving our King.

Julie Coleman said...

I read Bruchko long ago, when I was dating my husband. It was quite a story!