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Wednesday, February 20, 2008


me? ME! weeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!!!!

I rarely win anything, but twice this winter I have won drawings due to my new-found pastime - blogging. I won a gorgeous scarf from my new friend, Kelly way out on the west coast. We actually exchanged gifts. We realized we both love dogs so, once I knew I had won her drawing, I sent her a copy of my DVD, a story about my dog. It is a wonderful tale of a dog gone lost who ended up with a master to care for him when he moved FROM THE POUND TO THE PALACE.

Then Karen notified me that I had won a book! Rattled- Surviving Your Baby’s First Year Without Losing Your Cool by Trish Berg .

What a blast!! I think blogging is the greatest fun since jump rope and jacks. Now some of you many not be old enough to have experienced the wonderful recess activities I enjoyed when I was in grammar school. Anyway - I was a jump rope and jacks fiend. I don't know if jacks ever made a comeback, but I noticed my neighbors all jumping rope in the driveway the other day. I watching longingly and wished I still had the coordination, energy, and skill I had when I was 10.

Since I can’t jump rope I spend my time blogging and learning all sorts of wonderful things about the world outside my little space.

So - back to blogging - what fun it is to win a prize.

Thank you, Karen for my book.

Actually, I am going to read the book really fast as soon as it comes in the mail. Then I am going to wrap it up along with a baby gift I am sending to Stephanie. Stephanie is a beautiful young mom who just gave birth to her first child. I knew her when she was growing up. She was our pastor's daughter and a close friend of my older son. I know she will enjoy this book. I am so happy to be able to give her a cutting-edge primer, even though I know very little about raising babies in this new millennium.

So – I am off to shop for the rest of the gift! I can’t wait to win something else.

Speaking of winning and drawings and giving birth – I have a big surprise due in March – the compilation of a years worth of work. The finished product of my DVD based on my book will be arriving and I will be offering a few freebies for all you who would like to see the story on DVD.

Stay tuned...


Shanda said...

That's wonderful! COngratulations on the winnings but even more on the DVD! I was a big marble fan at 10. Had my own shiny red bag to carry my prized winnings in... i think i still have it somewhere. :o)

Digging for Pearls said...

Congratulations Van! :)

Kelly said...

Thank you for your nice comment, Van and I am glad you love your scarf! You'll have to read my post for today about another scarf story!
I need to think of something else I can give away on my blog, it is really fun to do! Congrats too on the DVD, I have watched it twice and the two year old grandson watched it too! It is really good...Air is a sweetie!
Many blessings,

Laura said...

Hooray, Van! Isn't bloggy world so much fun? I've met the most wonderful ladies in this world! Congrats on the DVD, you are awesome! God is using Air's story in amazing ways. you go, girl!