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Monday, February 9, 2009



Mary moved four times in a matter of a few short years.

Move number one: She moved from her home in Nazareth to stay with Elizabeth, her cousin who was also pregnant due to a miracle.

God may call us to move into hard places. I have learned through my moves, though, that He makes a way. He provides in the midst of difficult circumstances.

So Mary and Elizabeth had each other.

Some may not call the move Mary made to visit Elizabeth much of a move. I know women who have packed up belongings, mourned and grieved the good-byes and the left-behind memories. It is hard to fathom, but they moved, unpacked, were in the process of settling into their new home and poof – the edict comes down from corporate. A change of mind has turned an employee into a pawn to be moved across the checker board of life! Amazing!

Mary’s move/visit to stay with Elizabeth was temporary, but it did signify a move. She left her child hood home. When she returned she was changed, grown up, a woman.

Do we know the significance of Mary’s time with her older cousin?

For sure it wasn’t a time to learn about child birth and parenting. This was Elizabeth’s first pregnancy too.

While reading the account of Jesus’ birth in Luke, we are told that as soon as the angel left Mary, after announcing the birth, Mary went – in a hurry to visit Elizabeth.

Was she looking for a safe place?

Was she running away?

Was she certain that Elizabeth and Zacharias would shelter her?

Why did she go “with haste?”

I think she went on a retreat – to the hill country.

There she heard her cousin’s words of greeting, joy, and acceptance.

There she was able to open her heart and mouth, tell the truth, not be judged.

In the hill country on retreat she spoke the words of the Magnificat:

My soul rejoices in the Lord. And my spirit has rejoiced in God my savior. For He has had regard for the humble stare of His bond slave. Luke 1:46 – 48.

I am completely convinced that God has moved me to take me on a retreat. He has set me aside from the world to force me to look at Him, to seek Him, to depend on Him.

After three months Mary returned home, only to get on a donkey and make an even more amazing move. Move number two.

We’ll talk about it next week.

Meanwhile – go on a retreat – if just for an hour or two. Move toward God and sing him a song.


Laura said...

The story of Mary and Elizabeth always touches me. Who doesn't remember comparing the changes in body, the aches and pains, with a dear one who is going through the same? I like to think of that time as a time of strengthening for mary. She would endure so much after.

I hope you are doing well, Van. I see SheSpeaks registration is beginning. I'm not sure I will be able to come this year :-(. I will miss you if this is the case. But will send my prayers for power to fall.

luv you,


Cynthia said...

My husband and I have been married 16 years, we have moved 10 times, not including minor moves where the military moved us from one building to another more times then a person would consider "right"...I have learned to trust God. That HE has a plan that is perfect, that HE has the friends our family needs...and that a move may not be about me, but about someone that God may use one of our family to minister to...in our last home 2 little neighborhood boys came to know the Lord, that honestly may never had known Him if we had not been there while we were there....moves make us adaptable, and moldable, the make us ready for changes in life...thank you so much for this blog, it so ministered to my spirit.

Deanna said...

loved it!

You said, "Move toward God and sing him a song."

I say, "OKAY, no prob, I love to sing to the Lord!!!"


Julie Coleman said...

Charles Spurgeon wrote (or said??): If there were any place better for you than the one in which you find yourself, Divine Love would have placed you there.

Mary could rest in her situation because she knew she served a God who was totally good.

Loved the post.

Carmen said...

"And BLESSED IS SHE WHO BELIEVED that there would be a FULFILLMENT of what was spoken to her from the Lord." ~ Luke 1:45

wonderful word, Van!