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Thursday, February 5, 2009


Take a detour to Charlotte, North Carolina this summer and join the Proverbs 31 Team. It will be the greatest side trip you ever experience!

I rarely leave home, even to go out for a few errands, that I don’t encounter a road block, detour, speed bump, or dead end. Construction crews reign in Charlotte!

I live in a neighborhood within a neighborhood. While there are a few through streets in my larger neighborhood, once you make the final turn into the section where I live an area of about eight streets, there is no outlet. My neighborhood is a dead end!

Dead end neighborhood – the street I live on is a dead end street.

Regardless how that sounds, I live in a very secure corner of the world. I like it. No thief or vandal is going to drive through and wreak havoc because there is no easy way out.

Dead ends may be good – my dead end neighborhood is a safe place.

The only way to get to my house is to drive down a long 2 – 3 mile road. All along that street speed bumps have been placed. “Slow down,” they scream at the traffic. I am sure the speed bumps have saved a few lives – well maybe at least they have saved a few bones from breaking, several pets from being hit, and walkers and runners from being run off the road.

Speed bumps serve a good purpose – cars tend to gather speed on long stretches of road.

My neighborhood is decades old. Recently some of the streets had to be torn up to replace water lines. For weeks I detoured through different unfamiliar areas. I admit it was inconvenient – a real pain. But when the repairs were finished, the roads looked really nice AND the part that couldn’t be seen the new water lines added value to our neighborhood. .

Detours allow much needed repairs and updates – my older neighborhood is now newer.

Because of the recent economic downturn I try to stay home a couple of days a week to save money on gas. I have found that I don’t need to venture out onto the roads to meet obstacles. I find them in my house, in my life, all the time. Just like the road construction that takes place outside my house serves a good purpose so does the spiritual construction that seemingly slows my life down.

If you knew that each road block or detour thrown in your path was meant to protect you or improve your life would you deal with the emotional and spiritual traffic slow downs’ the way you normally do?

Can you think of a time in your life when frustrated beyond imagination, you turned around and angrily traveled in a new direction, questioning, maybe swearing, possibly yelling? If you take a closer look, is it possible to see that the road block was really a life saver or an ultimate improvement?

How you gonna’ deal with your next "detour"?

Embrace your roadblocks!


Julie Coleman said...

Just wanted to say I loved your blog and P31 devotional this morning. Construction is never pretty. It makes a big mess. Yet the new life that springs from the ruins is worth it all!!

I wrote an article on this concept on my blog, entitled "The Ox in the Stall." Click on over and give it a read (use the search box to get the article).

Rae said...

Hi all---this blog really hits home today. Although the prayer I prayed was not for myself but for a perfect stranger. A sad tragedy has happened in my area and I’m asking for any prayers that people can offer on behalf of a 21-year old that accidentally shot and killed his newlywed wife. The young man is burying his wife today at 2 pm. Please pray for him.

Anonymous said...

I popped over here from your devotional today at P31. It was as if you'd written the story of my life right now!

I just said the words the other day to someone that I just wanted a carefree day again. No anxiety, no stress, no frustration, no panic, no worry, no fear. But not yet. And I appreciated so much the words of wisdom you shared. I'm on a detour. I must say that it's ALWAYS during the detour that I consult the map!

Thank you for sharing. I needed to hear it today.

Pamela (His maidservant) said...

The P31 devotion was just what I needed after my "neagative" day yesterday. Thank you.

In His Graces~Pamela

Lynn Cowell said...

Loved your devo. Yes - Matthews-Weddington Road was a huge inconvenience and our neighborhood is something to get in and out of, but like you, I love it!
If you have a minute, stop by my blog today - I'm chatting about something similiar!
Hope to see you soon,

JottinMama said...

Such a good devo and post today! I'm not good with "detours" and I feel like God has been working on me in this!

Thanks for sharing! I needed it :)

Trying to embrace my roadblocks,
Kate :)

On Purpose said...

Van first I love you...because you are an amazing woman of God and He is working in you and through you. Thank you for this amazing devotion today. Knowing His hand is all over this construction site in my life, trusting He has a beautiful finish to reveal in His time! May you live in your blessings today.

Salzwedel Family said...

Thank you for this encouraging devotional. It met me just where I was this morning.


Anonymous said...

Hello Van,

Thanks for today's devotional. Isaiah 42:16 is my favourite scripture so I was a bit teary when I read the devotional this morning. In 2002, a chapter in my life had come to an end. I had just earned a Phd. My next step was to look for a job as a professor but I had promised God that I will not take any step without seeking His guidance. So I went on a 3-day fast and I believe God gave me Isaiah 42:16 towards the end of the fast. Shortly after that, I got a part-time position, instead of a full-time one. In my mind, I thought, oh, may be this is just the unfamiliar path to my final career destination. A year later my life changed forever. I had a baby with significant health problems. I cried and cried but during those moments, I did not remember my "life verse" (Isaiah 42: 16). About three years after the birth of my daughter, I remembered the scripture and it all made sense. It hasn't been easy since. But these circumstances have drawn me closer to God. Although the last 7 years have been challenging. I will not trade it for anything. God is so faithful. He gave me the heads-up but I didn't get it then but I got it later. I have no doubt that He will not leave me or forsake me.


John Cowart said...

"I don’t need to venture out onto the roads to meet obstacles. I find them in my house,"

Great observation.

My wife and I rearranged furniture two weeks ago and I'm still bumping into things.

Jolene said...

Thank you for this devotional. I will never look at roadblocks or speedbumps the same way again! I am not a very patient person, so there have been many times that God has used speed bumps and detours in life to slow me down, get my attention, and help me regain my focus. God is so good! His plans for me are always much better than the ones I have for myself. Thank you again!

Marianne G. said...


I can identify so clearly with your blog with what's going on in my life right now. Thanks for sharing. It helps to know I'm not alone. Marianne G.

Laura said...

I loved your devotional too, Van. You bless me so much with your writing. I said a little prayer for the situation you spoke of.

Speed bumps? U-turns? Um. I've had a few. Looking back, it's easy to now see how God was directing my path at those times.

Love you, friend! I hope I can come to SheSpeaks this year!

C.Curran said...

Thank you so much for your blog today, my life has had many road blocks but now I can see that the detours were meant for the best and the route I had to take due to the "bad" road block were blessings in the long run. Sometimes we just have to trust God that the route we are taking there might be the long was but it will be a better way for our life.

Tammy Nischan said...

Thank you for your devotion today. It really spoke to me. I'm definitely on a detour right now.