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Monday, February 16, 2009


Mary didn't say it, but I would have.
When my husband and I were making some family planning decisions one of the thoughts we both had was- “We don’t want to move in the midst of a pregnancy.”

God blessed us with a move, followed by a pregnancy. Actually He allowed me the opportunity to move, find a teaching job, get involved in my church, make friends in the neighborhood, and…

We moved in August. School started almost as soon as I unpacked the boxes and I went to work. To tell you the truth I hardly thought about the baby in the making! I was responsible for 120 ninth graders.

Then one day, while walking around the classroom, bending over shoulders, pointing out successful work and mistakes, my tummy did a flip flop.


Later on that afternoon, while fixing dinner I had to remove myself from the kitchen.

I immediately blamed the artichokes in the dip I had devoured the previous weekend. My inlaws had come visiting with a new recipe.

When I didn’t get over the “upset stomach virus” I made a doctor’s appointment.

Soon I was hearing,

“Congratulations, Mrs. Walton. It looks like you will be having a baby sometime mid October.”

Unlike Mary I kept my news to myself. No one, except for my husband, knew for 4 months, I finished the school year and shared the news.

Surrounded with full-of-joy friends I began to prepare for the birth of my baby.

I wondered about having to move at this point in time – since moving was so much a part of our lifestyle. I thanked God for my doctor. I relished the long hours I had to sew, paint, and prepare, knowing that at least for the first year of my baby’s life we would be in one place.

How did Mary do it? She traveled during her last trimester. Doctors today advise against that.

I know that all Christmas cards picture Mary on a donkey. No where in scripture does is say that Mary rode a domkey to Bethlehem. I hope Joseph bought her a ticket on a cart!

How did Mary do it? We are lead to believe that she knew no one and gave birth all alone!

Although I attended childbirth classes, when it came right down to it-my husband and I were a mess!

We rode in a car, were met at the door to the ER with a wheel chair, had a ga-jillion attendants…

As I consider Mary’s moves and compare them to mine, I realize how pampered and ill prepared I am for life. I think about young Mary and how she moved to Bethlehem, became a mother, settled into a house, welcomed visitors and I understand something very true about me – I need to toughen up!

I need to toughen up by growing more dependent on my God. Mary survived her moves, I believe, because of her faith and her ability to submit to God.

Instead of fixating on my comfort I am going to start focusing on my Counselor.

“May it be to me as you have said." Mary
(Luke 1:38)


JottinMama said...

Oh Van. This one was for me today. I'm currently expecting myself. And if anyone needs to toughen up - its me. It is soooo me.

Thanks so much.

Kate :)

jeanne said...

Van, that was the most beautiful story. I was riveted to your text. It is hard to be tough when you are expecting. It is a very emotional time. I commend you for being so enlightened at this special time in your lives.

Thank you for sharing your life with the blogging world in such a wonderful way.


Wolf said...

thank you for sharing. i've been going through some things myself the last few months (not pregnancy related) that have made me wonder what happened the tough person i once was. i became soft and let things get to me that once didn't. it is something to think about.

Julie Coleman said...

I'm so glad you qualified "toughening up." Because I truly believe that our circumstances are placed in our lives to soften us up!! We strive to do it all in our own strength-- and it is not until we are out of own strength that we turn to the Lord. (2 Cor 10:9)

When I was asked to do a job way out of my comfort zone (direct a choir without any training in conducting, etc.) I refused the position, until the camp director told me: "Julie, you will never know the power of the Holy Spirit until you place yourself in a position where you can't do it without Him." Wise words that I remember these 30 some years later. Because even when I avoid these situations, God seems to determinedly place me in them. And as I am stretched in more uncomfortable ways, I learn what it is to depend on Him more.

Great post, Van. I really love how you have personalized what it was like for Mary-- it makes the scriptural account come alive for me.

Lori said...

Thaks for stopping by! I so enjoyed this story.
Come by any time.

Cheryl said...

Good morning Van,

i would just like to say that i am encouraged by your messages today.

i would like to ask you and the women of Proverbs 31 to pray for me and my family.

we are experiencing and transition and there is a lot of rebellion going on among children and adults alike and i find myself in the midst (on assignment).

i need prayer to remain strong, faithful and to represent God regardless to the circumstances.
but i am asking you and others to pray a prayer of agreement that he will use this situation to bring glory to himself.