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Thursday, February 12, 2009


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She told me she would pick me up so we could ride together to meet all our girl friends for dinner. When I was ready to go I sat down to wait.

There by the window I could keep an eye on the driveway and run out the door. I didn’t want her to have to get out of her car and come get me

So I waited by the window.

Usually when my life is put on hold I become impatient.

I didn’t grow impatient. I stared out the window anticipating an evening with friends.

Too often when I have to slow down I become angry.

I didn’t get angry. I was happy that my friend was driving and I was not.

Whenever I have to wait, especially if I am waiting for something that feels the list bit unpleasant I find myself growing anxious.

I didn’t let anxiety take over. I trusted that my friend would either show up or call.

Sometimes waiting causes me to allow fear, dread, or doubt to surface.

I didn’t let any of those emotions control my moment of rest and stillness because I simply wanted to sit quiet for a few moments and be thankful for the few seconds of rest.

Eventually I saw my friend’s car pull into my driveway. I stood up from my wait and joined her for the ride to the restaurant.

Why can’t I handle all my waits like that?

God is in my future. He has promised me an abundant life. He will never forget me. I know he is my “driver.” He will take me where I need to go. I know I can trust God. Knowing all that why don’t I simply enjoy the rest, the stillness, the quiet when He keeps me waiting.

I just can’t believe that I wait patiently for my friend when she takes her time, but get anxious when my Lord is slow!

I think I have my priorities mixed up.

Time to wait focusing on His promises, setting aside my predicaments.


JottinMama said...

I needed that tonight :) I tend to be the worlds worst "waiter".

Thanks so much!

Have a great rest of the week,
Kate :)

Julie said...

Though I have been learning to wait over the years, it has not come easy for me.

One thing I have noticed is that if I don't learn to wait, I am the one miserable.. So, I am learning with Him as the teacher.

Thanks for your visit to my blog. I am always blessed when people stop by and leave me notes. Thank you for your sweet words. They have blessed me today!

Laura said...

I too have my priorities mixed up! I love how you counter your usual reaction to waiting with the opposite...I need to talk to myself the same way when I wait.

Working on patience, Van!

Happy Valentine's day!

John Cowart said...

I hate to wait!

It makes me so impatient with people.

Therefore, since I can do little but complain about them... I have to reverse the situation and make sure that I myself am on time and be there when I said I would so that no one has to get frustrated while they wait for me.

Angie said...

Thanks Van for the visit to "our" blog. My husband recently came on board---God is doing amazing things in his life---opening up his mouth---to match the heart of his that has been open to God for the past 27+ years! Your comment was an encouragement! Yes, we experienced QUITE a bit of waiting. One of the "road" experiences is something I will blog about this week!

I enjoyed reading on "all" your blogs---and I enjoyed my time at the She Speaks last year so much! Wish we (my sister Aimee and I) could attend this year, but things have crunched down--but we "wait" for God's leading hand in whatever direction He turns us to! Be blessed this week!