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Saturday, March 7, 2009


Wait Training, Personality Styles, and Hidden Joy

(To those of you who wanted me to post the Bible Verses used in my presentation on Friday, read on…)

What goes around comes around. I have returned home after an adventurous journey to New Mexico. Over a period of ten days-
I “taught” ladies about WAIT MANAGEMENT – (no I didn’t misspell weight!) “God has a WAIT ROOM designed for each one of us. He takes us there with a unique purpose – to strengthen character and build faith.”

When I returned home, I had one day of rest before I had the wonderful opportunity to “teach” teachers about one of my favorite topics: PERSONALITY STYLES.

In the midst of my travels and presentations I read a book.

Before leaving I packed up my bags including several Proverbs 31 resources to share with the ladies during the retreat. We have been so blessed to have speakers publish their books. I decided I would read
Wendy Blight’s book Hidden Joy in a Dark Corner.

Her story is piercing and poignant. I read it in one day while I sat in airports and on airplanes. I had expected an emotionally riveting tale of an event in her life that changed her forever. I got that – and so much more. What I received from Wendy was not only a visit to her dark corner, but the LIGHT that drew her into a joyful existence. When I turned the last page, the peace that flowed over me assured me there is only one PEACE that gives life meaning and that would be Jesus Christ and his Word of life. The Bible says about itself.

“For the word of God is living and active and sharper than any two-edged sword, and piercing as far as the division of soul and spirit, of both joints and marrow, and able to judge the thoughts and intentions of the heart.” Hebrews 4:12 (NASB)

Why did I use the word piercing to describe Wendy’s book? Chapter after chapter she uses the Word of God to cut away her fear, the past that threatened to destroy her, and developed habits that disabled her.

She used God’s Word to reaffirm what I know: Not only is God’s Word living and active, scripture contains a power to miraculously move readers and hearers into places of inspired purpose.

If you find yourself in God’s Wait Room right now, I recommend Wendy’s book. As you focus on God’s goodness you’ll forget the fear that threatens you. You will turn that last page and know the peace of newly fallen fresh rains that wash away the stains that darken your being. You will see the SON who invites you to step into a future filled with God’s goodness.

So—how does Wendy’s book relate to the rest of my topics? Everything comes back to one place – The ROCK that is the WORD of life.

Yesterday I explained to teachers at the GCACS Conference how we are all so different – how our students’ uniqueness threaten peace in the classroom, how each has a different outlook, emotional need, learning style. Why does it have to be so difficult and challenging to teach a subject? Did they tell us while we studied for our educational degrees that we would not only have to develop lesson plans but we would have to mold them to fit a variety of personalities! ?? !

At the end of the hour when I opened the floor for Q & A I was asked to post the Bible verses I had used as references. Here you are. Thanks for allowing me to share with you yesterday. I enjoyed each one of you. If you have any questions or want more don’t hesitate to contact me!

John 17- Jesus longs for us to live together in unity and harmony
Romans 12:16 & 18 – live together in peace

God fills the emotional needs of all personalities. We can learn from Him as we affirm one another:

To the SANQUINE He says: Genesis 1:26, Psalm 139:14
To the CHOLERIC He says: Hebrews 13:5 b, 1 Timothy 6:18-19
To the PHLEGMATIC He says: John 14:27, Matthew 11:28
To the MELANCHOLY He says: Psalm 46:10, Job 38-39

So you see why I believe: “Everything comes back to one place – God’s Word?”

This time last week I was in Santa Fe with a group of delightful women who had invited me to give them some insight on Wait Training. You know – how to handle the “waits” God gives us. So………. with lots of excitement I agreed last September to fly out to Christ Church’s first women’s retreat in their new church. This was not their first retreat – just the first one in their new building. They have a great set up. The ladies put together a special day for the women of their church and I had the privilege of sharing my own time trials with them.

I opened my mouth at 9:45 and spent the rest of the day describing God’s Wait Room – the place He takes us when he wants us to slow down or grow stronger. God’s Wait Room is a time in our lives when God gets our attention or diverts our direction. He takes us there for many reasons. I have learned that He takes me to His Wait Room when it’s time for me to grow spiritually stronger.

The Wait Room is not a place I would choose to go, but once I have experienced God’s tender compassions, His love, the precious care only He can give, I realize that The Wait Room is a necessary place for me to spend my time, like an athlete who has to train with weights if he or she is going to improve their “game.”

After spending a day with the ladies of Christ Church Santa Fe, listening to their stories, praying and praising God with them, and digging deep into His Word I realize I could not have encouraged them, I would not have experienced the joy of reassuring them with the same consolation my Father used to comfort me during my times of despair had I not walked before them into the pit of despair.

My time in God’s Wait Room has not been in vain. He used me and my circumstances to grow me so I could reach out to others, breathe words of life into their desperate circumstances assuring them – God is in the wait room. Cling to Him and no other. He always comes through.


Wendy Blight said...


Words cannot express how your beautiful words touched my heart today. They show me how faithfully God answers prayer. The cry of my heart as I penned each page was that hearts would be drawn to His Word and be filled with a hunger for more...to know that it is in His Word alone that we will receive wholeness and healing.

Thank you for sharing how God touched you through the pages of Hidden Joy, and I pray He will continue to speak hope, healing, and wisdom to your heart as you travel your journey.

Love you friend,


Yolanda said...


I totally agree with your heart and that while I wouldn't choose that for myself, I also am aware that after having gone through that, I'm not sure that I would want to be anywhere else. My God, YOUR God, loves us and He has so much good in store for us, but He must refine us.

I enjoyed your comments and agree totally...a fine line...but if we don't see the LIGHT of others and hunger for that...what would drive us to be any different? Just not copy cat their walk. :-)

Love to you,

B His Girl said...

Hi Van,

Thank you for your sweet story about the Lord speaking to you through rescuing a turtle. I have a book called the Turtle Saver by Laurie Parker that is about rescuing a turtle. I have some real life turtle stories too. Your comment makes me want to share some. If you ever want to write a Turtle Tuesday story and link to B, go girl! Now I know you are a turtle girl too! I am not surprised. After reading your waiting post, I am reminding myself to not anticipate what God is doing. This weekend God was connecting some things and people at a women's conference. It was powerful. Part of me wants to see what He is doing and the other part says "Patience,Barbara." I am in the waiting room on lots of things. God is getting me in position to advance to new places. I need to keep my focus on Him and not what's coming. It maybe a long wait for this 'baby'. Van, wisdom is kicking in some now. In past times, I would wear myself out jumping for joy. Now I will just focus on Jesus and wait. I can watch and pray. His timing is perfect. I would love to hear your teaching on this subject. All of us are assigned to the waiting room at some point. Glad you had a good trip with your family. Also Congrats to Wendy on her book. How wonderful for you to affirm what God did in her situation. He's good. Blessing turtle friend! Oh, I do occasionally post about things other than turtles. Stop by later and see the new 'B' I met. Barbara

Stacey said...

I've been missing your posts! Your words are words of affirmation; thank you! I'll have to check on that book:)

Digging for Pearls said...

Hi Van,

Just was stopping by to let you know that you are in my thoughts and prayers.


Julie Coleman said...

Two such vastly different subjects, yet Scripture is so relevant to them both! I love your ideas. I had the same kind of day yesterday. In the morning I spoke to a church in a rural part of Virginia on trusting God when he is silent. Then in the evening, I spoke to a group of parents in Bowie, MD about strategies to encourage our children when they are in pain. Two such varied subjects, but the Bible addresses both so beautifully.

God promises in Isaiah that his word will not return without accomplishing what he desires. Our job is to get it out into the airwaves, and he will use it for his purposes in individuals'lives.

Thank you for your faithfulness in doing just that! It is an encouragement to us all.