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Thursday, March 26, 2009


Years ago – by now I have lost track – I purchased a little plant. I liked its flower and I liked it because it was a vine. You see I had been looking for just the right, and unique, vine to trail around my prayer trellis.

In a dark spot, under my deck I planted the little vine. A bit frustrated because it would take a LONNNNNNNNNNNG time before I would ever see the lushness up- on my deck, I simply decided to forget it. I had planted it. That is all I could do. I trusted that it would grow.

The next year excitement welled up inside me when I noticed that the vine was putting out shoots. It needed a trellis so I stuck one in the dirt and wound the longing-for-a-place-to-grab-hold fresh new vines through the decorator pieces of my newly acquired yard art. Once again, I left the little vine to do its thing. I would have to wait.

Year after year I spend a few hours each spring coaxing the vine up and up.

A few days ago blooms popped out everywhere! The vine now winds all around the banister and trellis on my deck. It softens the harsh wood of the deck, making my upstairs outdoor space look cool and enticing. And overhead a shade is beginning to form as the vines stretch themselves overhead creating a protection of sorts- a refuge for me on warm summer days when I want to be outside, but I seek protection from the hot sun.

Years ago, I made an investment in a little plant. Today, because I was willing to wait, because I had a vision for the future, because God has taught me that waiting is necessary and worth while I have this place to go when I want to step away from it all and surround myself with the beauty of joining with God to fashion something – WORTH THE WAIT.


JottinMama said...

I loved this post :) What a great way to illustrate why its worth it to wait on God.

I just love spring :)

Blessings to you,

John Cowart said...

I spent yesterday working in our garden to repair winter ravishes.

I wore myself out.

Good to know that eventually work and waiting produce blossoms.

Stacey said...

I love your post! Beautiful space you have! I've been working on a prayer closet for me; it's a small space that I'm emptying out, but I know when I get done it will be ... worth the wait!

Wendy Blight said...


What a beautiful word picture!!! I wish I had a green thumb. Your story makes me want to step out in faith and do the same!!! I LOVED this post.



Rain said...

Wow, that is such a beautiful and peaceful place! I love the message here that the most beautiful things in life are worth the wait.

B His Girl said...

It looks like a great place to pray, complete with the symbolism of being connected to the vine and finding shelter in Him. He's worth the wait and evidently He thinks we are too. He wants none to perish. B

Julie Gillies said...

Hi Van,

Thanks so much for the kind comment you left over at my blog.

I enjoyed reading about your name and how you've grown into it. And your blossoming vine is utterly beautiful...worth the wait!

Camera Clicker said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog recently. It led me to your blog, and I have had several occasions to sit down and browse many of the pages and writings you have.
What a blessing!

Jennifer said...

I just love your special prayer spot! It looks lovely...

Julie Coleman said...

In John 15, Jesus identifies the Father as the vinedresser. He prunes it that it might grow strong and bear fruit. The branch's job? Abide in the vine. That's it. Yet it seems to be the one job we tend to neglect!!

Loved your post, Van. We need to adjust our perception of time-- our agenda to His. Point well taken.

Amy Carroll said...

These early spring days make me want to get my hands in the dirt. Your post amped that feeling up! I'm also in a waiting time. Thanks for the reminder that it's worth it to wait.

Love you,