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Monday, April 13, 2009


I have been on the move, yet I have not progressed!

Three weeks ago I left home on a journey toward the Grand Canyon. I had never visited what I now believe to be the most awe-inspiring natural wonder in the world.

I was moved! Moved - speachless.

"Sometimes there simply are no words."

A fellow visitor to the canyon spoke to me as I stood and stared.
One evening while visting the Grand Canyon I decided to watch the I MAX close up and personal views of this splt in the earth, this place where the finger of God traced and carved and painted.

This is what moved me:

A scene about the discovery of the canyon portrayed the Spanish who galloped up to the rim of the canyon. One of the men jumped off his horse and ran out to the edge. He took off his hat, fell to his knees and bowed to God.

I wept and tears of repentance splashed off my cheeks.

Why was I repenting?

I too had been moved by God's mighty act of creation, the beauty, the magnitude, the vastness, the color...


Oh how I wish I had fallen to my knees in praise of Almighty God.

But I didn't.

I didn't bow because I have been trained to keep my emotions intact.

I didn't kneel because I might offend others who don't believe.

I didn't raise my hands to my Creator because we don't do that in the United States.

I didn't want to embarrass anyone, probably myself!

Yet I have watched those who unashamedly pull out prayer rugs in the middle of the mall at the right time of day...

I have observed groups stand on beaches in their meditative poses...

I've seen individuals sit on park lawns cross legged with hands postioned just so...

Why can't I fall to my knees when I am moved by God?

Am I alone in my thoughts?

Would you, could you praise God if you came this close to Him?


Wendy Blight said...


Thanks for sending me to your blog to see these incredible pictures! WOW!! I too have never seen the Grand Canyon. Your pictures show the amazing power of our God to create and definitely give us a word picture of "how high and wide and deep and long" is the love of Christ!"

Blessings to you,


Anonymous said...

Oh Van! You have seen my homeland! Is it not just absolutely beautiful? I miss Arizona dearly and I am happy to say I am on my journey to head home. In just 30 days and a WAKE UP, I am leaving the Middle East and I am moving home.

I relate to your holding back. It's something I do daily. Whether it's to the Lord or to my friends or to my loved ones, I always hold back. One day, I hope that I will stop holding back but I know I need HIS help to do it.

Thank you always for your wonderful inspirations!

Gail W. said...

Van, this post brought back a flood of memories. Forty years ago, my parents packed up my three brothers and I and headed from Virginia to Arizona. Seeing the Grand Canyon affirmed something about God deep in my heart, although I couldn't articulate it at the time. Thank you for naming that feeling today.

Joyful said...

Van, your honesty here has blessed my heart this morning. I am a reserved worshipper...part of the 'frozen chosen'. I envy those who so freely express their love for the Lord, unashamed and unafraid. Being more concerned at those times of what others think than what God would enjoy, I too hold back. (Yesterday I wrote a blog post on being a "People Pleaser".)

This past Sunday I watched a woman in our church freely expressing herself before the Lord. Although some laughed and made remarks, I longed for the liberty to accept myself so completely and to love God so deeply, that fear wouldn't bind me from responding to His presence and majesty in my life whenever and wherever I might experience Him.

Wanting to do more than raise my hands on the inside,

Julie Coleman said...

Leigh McLeroy wrote a whole chapter in her book, "The Beautiful Ache," on our need to worship. She contends we were created with a need to worship-- and when we don't worship God, we find other things in our life to worship instead, like material possessions, sports heroes, or job success. But we will worship, since we were created to do so.

Leigh writes, "So he gave us the one eternal thing that exists that can never be praised long or loudly enough, that can never get all the glory it deserves: He gave himself."

Creation is an expression, really, of the character of God. He was so good to give us something so concrete to remind us of his majesty. I've never been to the Grand Canyon. Thank you for sharing your experience-- we can live it vicariously through you and worship God for his majesty and power. Thanks, Van!

Stacey said...

thank you for being real; this is something I struggle with..."respecting" others views while neglecting my own.... Beautiful pics; thanks for sharing them.

JottinMama said...

One of these days, I want to see the Grand Canyon in person myself! The pictures you posted are beautiful! I would like to think that I wouldn't hold back my praise - but knowing myself - I probably would. I tend to hold back too often.

Have a nice week,
Kate :)

Wolf said...

i went to the grand canyon about 4 years ago and it was one of the best experiences i've had. i can't wait to go again someday and show my husband. i know he would absolutely love it.

B His Girl said...

I have never seen the Grand Canyon. A few years ago my daughter went. I asked her it to say "WOW, GOD!" for me. The thing is Van, He is this close to us now, no matter where we are. It is kind of like Jacob realizing surely the Presence of God is in this place and he knew it not. God gives me an awareness of His Presence with me thoughout the day. Some days I see them and respond to them. Others days, I think 'thanks' and keep moving my way. Lord, help us to be moved everyday in the regular and ordinary and in the moments that wow us. You are always WOW!

Dana said...

Hello to my beloved sister, Van!

Wow how awesome God truly is! Woud I drop to my knees and praise him when I was so close to him...I would like to believe that I would. However, there have been instances in my local church where the Spirit of God moved so heavily that I had to take my seat for fear of loosing the strength in my legs. It should have propelled me to my knees in submission, but I withheld it. I promised myself after that night and long bout of repentence that I would not let that happen to me again. I want to expereice God in his fullness of Glory...AMEN! I want to have faith to get out of the boat I'm in not matter what the circumstances, place, or people that surround me. True faith and submission to God comes with a high price afterall, doesn't it?! Shouldn't we be able to sacrifice all of us as HE sacrificed all of himself? Alas, it doesn't work so easily in flesh...we fall and we fall but are not cast down...Praise God! He holds us in his might hands...
And I can truly see how true inspiration can be found in viewing such a masterpeice as the Grand Canyon. It is simply breath-taking. I was not in the Lord during my visit there, but I couldn't deny that something greater than man exisisted. "And for thy pleasure, we are created.."

Much love my sister!

Living day by day for Jesus said...

It is so true! I went on a 40 day journey last fall and many times failed to bow down to the Creator because of who might see me, not that I would have KNOWN them, but the fear of being out of our comfort zone so often holds us back. You are definitely not alone...There are times I even hold back from praising Him the ways I want to in church because of feeling embarrassed...sad that we feel this way...

How can we change that?