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Tuesday, April 7, 2009


The Women who Waited at the Cross

What has your life on hold these days? Does it cause you to despair? My time trials have brought me to the brink of broken-ness. I have cried out - "Enough!"

I have thought I could take no more. The torture, the agony, the unknown, the wait...

More often than not my time trials involve my children. Oh how I agonize over them.

I go to my Father and ask Him to speed "the thing along."

"Get me through this. Make it stop, go away, change, get better."

Today I am reminded of the real agony that included torture and the unknown.

Mary waited from the time Jesus was a few days old, when she took Him to the temple and heard Anna's and Simeon's prophetic words.

Mary spent the rest of her life facing the unknown, knowing Jesus' future included a terrifying end. How could she bear up under the wait?

How could she have predicted and prepared for that day that began before the cock crowed, that day when her son would be betrayed, the day the sky would darken as she watched Him suffer on the cross?

She waited - in agony, tortured by the sight her eyes beheld.

Near the cross of Jesus stood his mother, his mother's sister, Mary the wife of Clopas, and Mary Magdalene. John 19:25

This week as you wait for whatever tortures you or causes you to agonize, remember...

- the women who waited at the cross kept their eyes on Jesus.

They waited and watched as he suffered, died, was burried.

And then they recieved their reward. They found his tomb empty.

He was alive!

Alive for them. Alive for me. Alive for you.

Keep your eyes on Jesus. He will reward you with resurrection joy and the promise of eternal life.

Allow the Truth of Jesus' message this Holy Week to fill you and bring you peace as you wait for the Father. At just the right time the stone will roll away for you and you too will rise.


Joyful said...

Van, I don't know what prompted you to visit my blog, but I needed to read this post. I am waiting outside my "tomb" for God to roll the stone away. How this writing resonates inside my heart. My life has been "on hold" for almost six weeks now as I spend every day at the hospital beside my Dad. I have cried out "Enough!" I have thought I can take no more. I have asked my Father to speed "the thing along", to "get me through this, make it stop, go away, change, get better." My voice has echoed all those words. I hate the unknown and the roller coaster ride of emotions. My eyes are also tortured by the sight I daily behold - in just over five weeks I have watched my Father deteriorate and go from a lovely, refined, gentle man, to one who needs to be restrained, have security guards watching him 24/7, hallucinates and becomes violent - this is NOT my Father...and all began with an error, as the hospital administered a drug to which he was allergic.

Thank you for this reminder to wait on Jesus and keep my eyes on Him.

Praying for His peace and needing the stone rolled away from my heart,

Laura said...

Oh, yes. Waiting on the children. Thank you, my friend, for reminding me that my waiting can only have blessing at the end when I wait on Him.

Love the imagery of the ladies waiting by the cross.

So moving.

MrsProverbs31 said...

Such a timely message. Thank you. I needed to hear that.

B His Girl said...

Van, I love the 'speed the thing along' comment. That's us. Use the microwave Lord, not the crock pot. I think it is special He is giving you the 'waiting' messages. I sometimes struggle with that. I have a peace now that can only be from Him. He knows best and I am going to enjoy His Presence in my life. Enjoy the celebration this Easter with your family. (He is waiting also, wanting none to perish. I just thought about that.) B

Jennifer said...

Just this morning I found myself saying (again) that I wish time would speed along.....make it June please! I often think if I could just get past this or that, then things would be clearer for me...

Thanks for the reminder to wait - with my eyes on Jesus.

Have a wonderful Easter weekend!

Wendy Blight said...

He is alive indeed!!! Thank you, Van, for this beautiful post.