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Sunday, April 26, 2009


Living in Unity

I have often wondered why God has moved me so often! I knew He had his reasons. As I continued to study His Word and His nature, I accepted the fact that there are lessons to be learned in the move.

It has been two weeks since we celebrated the resurrection of Christ, you know that emotional day we vowed to focus more on Him and what His life on earth means to us.

My daily reading through the gospels brought me to John 17-“The high Priestly prayer” the prayer Jesus offered to our Holy Father the night before he was captured and crucified.

I never tire of reading His words. He prays for me. He prays for you. He prays that we would live in unity.
Wonder what God's plan is for your life.
It's really easy! Live in unity with others. That is what please our Father.

Has God moved me because I am not living in unity within the body of Christ? Did God move me to teach me how to live in unity? Did God move me so I could show others how to live in unity? I believe the answer to all three questions is “yes.”

So what does living in unity look like?

I think living in unity can be compared to a garden, to a landscape, to a carefully arranged pot:
Here I see 6 flowers sitting safe and secure in well tilled dirt. Each has its place. No one is fighting for another’s place. The flowers don’t want to be dark dirt. The dirt isn’t manipulating its circumstances to be like a flower. Each is supporting the other.
Look at this landscape! I see each bush and tree standing out on its own, contributing to the beauty of the picture. God delights in this picture of unity. Want to know how I know? He shines His light directly on the pure white azalea!
The flowers in the window box and concrete basket bring color, but they don’t take over the other plants. The spire stands straight and tall bringing attention – not overpowering. Look at the asparagus fern – light and airy, a soft green cloud for the flowers and spires to dance upon. All working together to create a lovely display. A display for my delight! So I ask myself – Am I living in unity with my Christian brothers and sisters? Do I add to, or take away from, a display that delights my heavenly Father?

What about you.

By the way ~
This is not a picture of living in unity! See how the vines have crept along the ground, under the bush, and into the branches. Is the vine living in unity or working to take the glory from the boxwood? It is one thing for the vine to blend with and benefit the bush. In this case, I think the vine is getting out of control. Its creeping, curling nature will eventually choke the bush.
I gotta’ regularly ask myself:

Is my nature one that blends and benefits or am I choker?

Got any thoughts?


Joyful said...

*ouch* Too often I am that 'weed' that needs to be removed or that branch that needs pruning so that unity can return.

I pray today my life will be a bouquet of beauty and that the Lord will cultivate the ground of my heart so that I won't hinder anyone from blooming for His glory.


Shanda said...

The most recent move has landed me living at home with may parents again. What was suppose to be a month or two transition time has turned into what looks to be like a lengthy stay. Not exactly how I pictured it, of course. I believe my lesson in this move is learning to live in unity. I will choose to enjoy this time and not dwell on the circumstances that simply can not be at this time.

Lots of people + not much space = plenty of learning opportunities!

Unity it is!

Melanie said...

I prayed for unity in a personal matter this very morning!
Thanks for visiting my "Do Tell Mel" blog and leaving a comment. W/o it I wouldn't have found my way here this morning and found the confirmation to my morning prayer of "unity."
What a great God!

JottinMama said...

Very cool post!

Gives me a lot to think about - I walk away from this today pondering what role I play in the garden.

Thank you! Have a happy spring!

Kate :)

Wolf said...

what a great comparison. it is so true that some people can live in harmony, but it seems that more often then not, there is a lot of pruning that needs to be done... if only it was so easy to point that out.

tressa said...

thank you. thank you. thank you. ptl