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Monday, July 20, 2009


Moving day!

No I am not moving, but I AM on the move – so much to do!

On the move emotionally:

Woke up this AM to the reality that Precious Son has gone. HE had been home for two weeks, but had to return to his college town to earn some money before school starts. He too is on the move – moving closer to the beach. He is a senior now, fulfilling one of many dreams. Three years ago we moved him to the dorm – oooooooooo what a move for all involved and what challenge! Then he moved into a house with a bunch of boys and dogs. Yuk - became a double yuk. What an education THAT was – almost as important – maybe more important actually, than his classes. NOW he is moving to the beach – lucky guy. My prayer for him is that he continue to dream and accomplish his dreams.

On the move relationally:

Building a deeper relationship with my girlfriend and my God!

My wonderful girlfriend has been with me for a week. We have not been together since she married almost two years ago. We have had a time of catching up, sharing, praying, and Bible study. Each day we have watched two Beth Moore lessons on Esther. After the video we discuss what we have learned. I really like being involved in a Bible Study at church where I get together with a group of women to build lives on the firm foundation of God’s Word. But ---- this: two girlfriends, just two of us studying God’s Word together – how rich a retreat can two girls have!

On the move in ministry:

In less that two weeks SHE SPEAKS comes to town, Yipppeeeeeee. IT is a highlight in my life and in the life of others. I have communicated with my evaluation group – 11 ladies who will sit around my hotel suite and develop their craft of communication. I can’t wait to meet each one. I remember the first She Speaks I attended. How I praise and thank God for the opportunity to serve Him in this capacity.

On the move spiritually:

As always God has me in a place where I am faced with TRUST issues. God invites ne to trust him with all my issues- ministry, friends, family, sons, daughter-in-law, choices, marriage… you name it. God wants me to put it ALL in His hands so I can get into the business of serving Him with shine.

Speaking of my spiritual move- This morning as I became more deeply acquainted with Jesus I read about the temptations He faced. I read Satan’s words, quoted from the Psalms. Turning to Psalm 91:11-12 I realized why I have such a deep need to trust my Lord.
1- Satan is a deceiver
2- God is my protector.

He will orrder his angels to protect and guard me and they will hold me up with their hands.

Those – my dear friends, are the words I have packed into my heart today – good words to teach me, and you, to trust God, while we move.



Julie Coleman said...

I went to a wedding over the weekend that used the scripture of Psalm 91--all through the ceremony. The main verse: "He will cover you with his feathers, and under his wings you will find refuge." The groom even wrote a song for his bride, entitled "Under My Wings," promising to protect his beloved as her husband, and acknowledging the wings of God which protect them both.


I am now currently working on a piece for my Dogwood Digest that is on this subject. And now you, too, are meditating on this psalm!! Great minds think alike???

John Cowart said...

Thanks for the good words.
at the moment I'm not so much moving as sinking. I appreciate your positive input.

Joyful said...

I just wrote a post yesterday entitled, "Moving On". I share a story of how God spoke to me through Micah 2:10 several years ago, "Arise and depart. This is not your place of rest." The Lord was moving our family physically at that time, but when I read that verse just yesterday again, the Lord was calling me to move mentally, emotionally and spiritually. Forgetting those things that are behind, God has called me to arise and depart and not rest in the negative or be held prisoner of the past. I'm letting go of regrets, failures and mistakes. I'm leaving behind expectations, people pleasing and a closet full of masks. I'm looking ahead and moving on.

I included a song by Rascal Flatts entitled, "I'm Movin' On". If you'd like to hear it, click here: http://ponderinginhispresence.blogspot.com/2009/07/moving-on.html

Moving On,