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Monday, July 27, 2009



When I moved to Charlotte my world came to and end. My heart broke and I really wondered if I had it in me to step out – AGAIN, to make friends, to do ministry, to live, to even communicate with God. I was not happy with Him for having moved me – AGAIN.

That was 10 years ago!

Fast forward –

Tonight I celebrated a dear friend’s 50 th birthday. I met her 9 years ago though a wonderful ministry – Moms In Touch. The middle school my son attended had a group of mothers who met once a week to pray for their children. IT just so happened that this group of women all had sons – lots of sons. We bonded and our sons did too!

God is so good when we obey Him.

Our little band of praying moms has stayed together. Tonight four of us – between us we have 12 boys- came together to celebrate another 50th birthday. Now we are all 50 and counting. I am the oldest!

How does this fit into moving, you ask?

Three years ago Kim moved away. It seemed our band of praying mothers would break up. But, you know what? I have been blessed to have had some fun times with Kim this year – three times we have been together for extended days and now – tonight, after she drove 12 hours, we came together to celebrate her! My husband prepared our dinner. We sat around the table- prayed, talked, laughed, shed a few tears, and smiled at the future. She opened funny gifts – presents to herlp her grow old gracefully. Our singing cards had us all up and dancing to Pretty Woman. Then we took pictures. We all agreed – and so did my husband, that we looked pretty good to be 50 and counting! We wondered if a magazine wouldn’t like to have our picture to publish us older ladies. We’re looking to see if there is a magazine out there that thinks we are hot women.

Who would have known – 10 years ago God moved me to Charlotte, I didn’t think I would ever find a friend like those I left behind in Wisconsin.

But God, He knows my greatest need. I live, breathe, adore girlfriends and He sent me the best. We came together over a common thread- our sons and prayer. Friendship has no greater bond than children and God.

I thought I had lost my shine 10 years ago when I sat up and took inventory after unpacking all my boxes, but God – He brought shine back into my life.

He’ll do that if we obey.



Laura said...

What a sweet story, Van! Just goes to show that hindsight is 20-20. If only we trust Him when we're going through it...one day we'll look back and be opening funny gifts with a good friend.

Hope you are all ready for SheSpeaks. I'll miss you this year.

Julie Coleman said...

God is so faithful. Thanks for sharing how He was faithful to provide. It encourages us all!!

Anonymous said...

Thank you for your inspirational blogs about moving. I just found out that my husband, I and our two young toddlers are moving as a result of my husband's job. I am having to leave the city where all my family and friends are. In the midst of the mixed-bag-of-emotions I am feeling, including resentment, fear of change, dissaproval from family, sadness, and emotional exhaustion, I am trying so hard to turn it all over to God and seek His plan in all of it. Your blog really helps me not feel so alone and that God will be faithful to bring good out of it all if I will offer it to Him.

Thank you!

Anonymous said...

Hi Van,

Wow does this hit home! I have been in NC for 2 years now and have to say I have a lot of the same feelings, still, that you had. I just can't believe that this is going to work out for good. I have balked at the thought of making new friends here and do not want to venture out of the house most days.

I will say that lately there have been feelings of, I don't know, settling, or contentment, or maybe its just I have resolved that I can't change things right now!

Your post gives me hope that I can adjust, that I will find friends, and that God has a plan and purpose for me being here.

By the way, we have traveled to Charlotte a number of times and I love it there! If I can't go back to where we moved from, Charlotte would be my next choice!

This is my first visit here (came from Tammy's blog - My Heart - His Words), but will be back to visit often.