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Friday, July 10, 2009


Hello home. Hello friends, Hello life…

I took a little trip to the garden - you know time away to put myself back together again. For me "the garden" is my mother’s home on the lake and my in law’s home where a southern back yard patio garden always bekons.

Now I am back – in the jungle, but ready for more of life’s regular routine.

Although I stayed busy, I gave myself a treat- I didn’t blog for three weeks. I missed communicating with the world but just realizing I could say no to something and could resume at some future time was a great gift I gave myself.
Now --- I’m back!
I’ve been away and I have enjoyed time with family – my in laws, my mother, her friends, and a couple my husband and I have known since we began our careers 30 + years ago. What refreshment – to take time away, drinking in others' wisdom, point of view, and experiences. In return I heard that I blessed them with my presence and time - give and take- back and forth, like a swing in the breeze on a front porch, a hammock hanging between two trees spotted by dapples of sunlight and shade, or a rocker, quietly offering peace in its regular motion. And I might add I did- enjoy a swing, a hammock, and a rocker while in the garden!

So, although I took a brief vacation from the routine- blogging included, I doesn’t mean I wasn’t busy! But it was a good kind of busy.

I helped my mother with some little chores around her home- like cleaning and staining the deck on the boat dock, like removing the rust from the iron tea cart my daddy made 50 years ago, like helping her with an exciting presentation she will give the ladies of her church in September. Together my mother and I created a power point delivery. She is so excited about sharing her story – an adventure she had with my sister a year ago when the two of them traveled to Ecuador to visit the land of the Auca and the holy place where 5 fearless men sacrificed their lives so others would come to know the One True God. The story is an amazing one and if you are looking for some intriguing summer reading with your children I would suggest you trot over to the bookstore or the library and find some of these books for some lazy hot day entertainment.

I recommend Through Gates of Splendor

Oh- and then follow it up with the movie!

Now- it’s my turn to be blessed by others: Over the next three weeks I will have three sets of visitors- YIPPPPPPPEEEEEEEEEE. My dear friend from Wisconsin is coming for a week. I haven’t seen in in over two years! Another friend who moved away several years ago is coming to visit so we – all her special girlfriends in Charlotte can celebrate her 50th with her...

AND then some of my special, special friends – fellow speakers with the P31 team will come to stay as we ready ourselves for the event of the year-
I hope you will be joining us. IT is an event every Christian woman should add to her bucket list. So let me encourage you- look forward to next year. Start saving and praying. I can’t wait to meet you if you are coming this year or possibly next year if you feel God’s tug on your heart to enter into a time of training so you might touch women who long to hear His Truth.


MrsProverbs31 said...

Welcome home, Van. I have missed reading your post, though I only come once in awhile-learning to divide my time between work, family and meeting the www friends. I am so glad you get to spend time with your family. I was wondering, what happened to She Speaks. I decided to wait for another year-I was a little overwhelmed with all the great messages last year. She Speaks is a life changing challenge and it continues to challenge me on a daily basis as I battle with honoring Him in everyday life.

God bless you and your family.

Laura said...

WElcome home, my friend! I missed you!

I am feeling so sad about missing SheSpeaks this year. I'll be praying for you guys.

sending welcome home hugs...


Julie Coleman said...

Welcome home!! I missed reading your musings. Glad your vacation was a time of refreshment.

I find it is a lot easier to hear the voice of God in the quiet of the garden. Just taking the time to be still opens the way for such great communication between Him and me. My back porch is that oasis for me. The past few mornings, in the cool of the day, I have spent my mornings there, watching the birds, hearing the breeze in the leaves, and waiting for God to invade my thoughts as I ponder His words of scripture. It has been a breath of fresh air. Just sitting in the quiet.

I think that busyness is one of Satan's tools. It creates a white noise that allows us to tune out the Lord as well.

Welcome back, my friend!