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Sunday, April 25, 2010

Movin' on Monday


Normally, on Mondays I write about moving. Today I will continue my moving blog- but in a unique direction:

I want to encourage those of you whose names were not drawn for the She Speaks scholarship to keep on movin’ on --- in a new direction. Get creative about how you can design your next “move” toward your speaking and writing ministry- mainly getting to She Speaks.

First let me mention that I would like to say to all the ladies who posted comments on my blog last week, you ladies whose big dream right now is to attend She Speaks --- I dreamed that dream once and I know that your dreams and plans are exciting ones. What a future and a hope you have. I encourage you to never give up until you get to She Speaks.

Now even though the scholarship winner has been announced and you are not her please keep the P31 conference a high priority and a future hope.

The first time I ever felt God’s nudge to step into any form of public ministry I couldn’t believe it. I was happily engaged in a career I loved, one which allowed me to minister day in and day out. I was a teacher. I continue to be a teacher.
So why was God adding to my plate by calling me to a new journey? Today, twenty five years later I understand – the call was the first step. For years I remained dormant as to the call. I continued to work, a second baby boy was born, my husband’s career moved us not once, not twice, but three times- and then we moved to Charlotte where I finally felt God place me on a fast track.

So why did he call me and then leave me to wonder???

He was preparing me! He was giving me material. There were details in my life that I didn’t understand 25 years ago. Bottom line – I was not ready. Even since I’ve stepped into speaking and writing, there have been times God has placed me in a holding pattern. I’m experiencing a pause right now!

We don’t always understand His ways, but we can trust that His way is perfect.

So dear one- don’t despair during this pause. Use this time to open your heart, fill your files and journals with stories, Biblical knowledge and spiritual wisdom.
And use this time to create and develop a scholarship fund for yourself.
I am reminded of Paul who, while he preached and traveled, while he spoke and wrote, he built tents!

“There he (Paul) became acquainted with Aquila and his wife, Priscilla… Paul lived and worked with them, for they were tentmakers just as he was.”Acts 18:2-4

Want to use this brief blip in your life to prepare for a speaking ministry- begin now to do what you do whether it be tent making or … to invest in your future. The Proverbs 31 web site has easy to follow directions on developing your own scholarship fund. Today is the best day to begin.

Why not let your friends, family members, co-workers, and people from your church know about your desire to attend the conference. Many women have been afforded the opportunity to attend in years past just by getting the word out. We have prepared a letter that may help you in your fundraising efforts. For a copy of please email Samantha at Samantha@proverbs31.org for more information.

Should you decide to raise support, you will need to register for the conference to ensure your spot AND send Samantha@proverbs31.org your mailing address. This is imperative to making sure your funds are allocated to you.

There are many creative ways to build your fund. In addition to letting others know you are working toward a really important goal in your life, take a look at your daily habits – a soda or Starbucks treat or fast food lunch or tall sweet tea (sometimes I am aghast that I pay $2 for a glass of tea!) What can you eliminate? Look for other opportunities. I know you can find them. It may take time, but what a challenging journey and how proud of yourself you will be when you reach your goal. The wait is always worth it.

How about letting me know what ideas you come up with so we can share them with all the other women looking for ways to get to She Speaks.

Meanwhile I have prayed for each of you who have left a comment on my blog. Thanks for coming over to visit. I hope you come back often and as you begin your move toward Charlotte for either this year’s or next year’s conference let me remind you to



B His Girl said...

Great thoughts Van. I love the reminder of God preparing us. The waiting room is sometimes difficult. B