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Thursday, April 15, 2010

Thursday Time Trials

I have decided to rename my posts about waiting. I am moving to Thursdays where I will discuss the timely trials placed before us. Time? because waiting is all about time- “How long must I wait?” Trials? Because almost inevitably one of life’s waits comes with a test. “So how do you pass the test?” you might wonder.

There are two bench marks, I believe

1- Endure~ with God’s grace, clinging to Him

2- Behave~ by God’s grace, shining so the world can see that all things are possible for those who love the Lord.

Endure means we continue on with faith, practicing what we say we believe, giving each wait regardless how light or heavy – to our loving Father who asks to carry our burdens.

Behave means to live as if God had already come to the rescue. We live confident knowing He is working, even though we don’t see it or feel it. We treat others with dignity and kindness. We smile. Yes we can grieve and cry out to God, and while we do, the vulnerable in us shines, encouraging others to persevere.

So while we practice endurance and good behavior we have a choice in the midst of our time trials. We can despair or we can be desperate.

The March 25 entry in Streams in the Desert encourages those of us training in waits to “be desperate for God.” Despair gets us nowhere.

When obstacles and trials seem
Like prison walls to be,
I do the little I can do
And leave the rest to thee.

And when there seems no chance, no change
From grief can set me free,
Hope finds its strength in helplessness
And calmly waits for thee.



Melanie said...

Love your new blog look - not sure when you changed it but I love it! And you shine, sweet friend, for Him.
THis has been verses I've clung to this past year through some of our trials: Hebrews 10:35, 36, "Therefore, do not throw away your confidence, which has a great reward. For you have need of endurance, so that when you have done th will of God, you may receive what was promised."


Isn't it weird that I did not read this on April 15th, I read it today, April 20th and it seems like today is when I am in need the most. I feel so frustrated with my life! I feel like I have accomplished nothing in the 26 years I hav worked for the same company! My husband lost his job last May and we have gone backwards in our plans for the future, our 401K, our savings...we have lost all our material "fun" toys (which really does not matter), but it is really starting to get me down. I put a smile on my face everyday, like life is just great, but I am really crying inside. The only thing that keeps me going is "FAITH"! I know God is in charge and I trust in Him to guide me and lead me down the right path. Thank you for this devotion and all the others Ihave read, but did not take the time to say Thanks! Your friend in God ~Kelly~

Julie Coleman said...

I love this quote from a blog I read-- this man is a pastor with three preteen children. His wife just passed away in February after a year-long fight with a brain tumor. He wrote it while in the wait-- watching his precious wife waste away from the monster within.

“We want things now. Father, micowave us into being like Jesus. But discipleship doesn't happen overnight and often God forges His children into His image through the long and dark nights of the soul. We must trust His plan and also His timing! When the time is right, He will bring us out of our trial and we will look more like Him when He does.”

Thanks for keeping hope alive for those of us in the wait.

Anonymous said...

Hello, I love all the Proverbs 31 devotions! They always inspire me and I have forwarded them on to others. I enjoy writing. I have always done this for many years. But over the last few years I have had the privilege of leading a small ladies group in my church called Leading Ladies. This year God gave me the opportunity to hold my own ladies retreat with another local church of about 13 women. I was so nervous but I know now it was in His plan. I realized that weekend God is opening the door for me. I say this because I know I am called to speak. I had the fear for many years I could not do it because I had no education other than being a high school graduate and I am not a Pastor’s wife. I am over that fear Praise the Lord! I desire to receive from leaders the structure and the wisdom in speaking at church events. I have been serving under a ministry in and out of my church that speaks to women. This would mean so much to me to win the scholarship to the She Speaks Conference. I believe this will teach me and draw me closer to the will of God for my life. I cannot afford to pay for the conference. I am in the process of having fundraisers now for my kids to do their dreams and mom has to be put on the back burner sometimes.  But I am so hungry and humble for direction in my faith walk that I know coming to this conference will help me to spread what I learn with many other women. I have a story to tell and I know God wants me to get it out. I am a miracle to even be alive and to have a successful marriage and family at that! I know it’s all in God’s timing for when He wants me to speak and the doors of opportunity are opening up even as I type. Thank you for considering me for this scholarship. If I don’t get it, I know God will bless the one who does receive it. And may she walk out her purpose and calling to be the woman of God she is called to be!

Serving HIM,
Robin Shockley
Greenville SC

Cheri Bunch said...

Your blog looks great! Love this post. It ministers deeply to my heart. Blessings, Cheri

kellydcooke@yahoo.com said...

Being chosenfor the Cecil Murphy She Speaks scholarship would be an honor. I am a 44 yo woman, married for 22 yrs, mother of 4, major bread winner, employed full time outside the home & own a small business as well. People look at me and see a completed woman living a blessed life. They seek out my advice and compliment me on "doing such a great job". What they don't know about are the events in my first 22yrs that occurred that have made my into the woman I am today. Some things I was so shameful of that I didn't even share with my husband until we had been married for 10 yrs. The people that know even part of my testimony are shocked that me, Little Miss Homemaker with the great husband, beautiful children and such talent in so many areas could actually be the same women I have just finished telling them about. Some have asked me to share my story with their church or small group but I know the Lord wants me to share it with large multitudes of women. He has set aside the precise place & moment. Being chosen the receive the Cecil Murphy She Speaks scholarship would allow for me to receive the instruction do just that. Thank you ~ Kelly Cooke Psalm 40:2 & Psalm 37:23