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Friday, April 9, 2010

Potholes in the road

Welcome, those of you who have ventured into my life from today’s Encouragement for Today. I am praying for you. I pray God be with you to lift you and give you courage, strenghthen you and give you joy for today's journey.
It’s that season of the year, post winter roads pitted with potholes.

Years ago, when I was young and totally naïve about cars, the front end of my car literally fell into a huge pothole. I mean my teeth rattled. I was actually surprised when I maneuvered my car out of the deep rut. I remember the feeling of relief and elation – I drove away and all seemed well.

…until months later when I took my car in to have it serviced. The mechanic asked me too many questions, and it was then I recalled the massive hole in the highway. No longer did I feel so proud because I had to pay for neglecting my front end.

You know, if we don’t check ourselves after experiencing those unavoiadable emotional falls into  the deep pits of life, we may sustain damage – just like a car. And if we continue along as if nothing has occurred we may end up with irreparable concerns.

I’ve got to be honest with you: for too many years I kept on going after driving through potholes. Either I ignored the damage or I refused to check out the possible harm. I denied reality or suppressed truth. Consequently fear, anger, insecurity, bitterness, and lies slowly eroded my faith, trust, relationships, and joy. I found myself becoming…a bitter, weak, and whiny woman. Discontent ruled my life. The abundant life I longed for seemed like an impossibility.

I knew I had to make a change.

Potholes are inevitable. How we deal with them is up to us.

I realized that “driving around” with a scratch or a dent, mud on me, or splashed by spoils of the road was not a good practice. I needed to learn to take myself to the nearest “mechanic’s shop.”

For me that place of repair became God’s Word, prayer, Sunday morning worship, Bible study, and friends who are willing to hear about my smash ups and give me healthy perspectives on the inevitable destruction life doles out to all of us who are on the road.

Rather than ignore reality I slowly began to accept – potholes are everywhere! They can’t be avoided, discarded, denied. I had to find a way to repair the damage. I couldn’t procrastinate.

I’ve learned to no longer allow potholes to surprise me. They exist to threaten and thwart my progress. But I am not going to let that happen. Instead I choose to run to my Father for cleansing and purifying, to worship my God even when  I don't feel like it, to ask my friends for prayer even though pride would keep me from sharing all, and, because Jesus has told me I can, in the midst of the mud and dirt I strive to



Anonymous said...

What an amazing devotion and post you have running today! So fitting for many of us and our dear friends! Thank you for sharing you experiences and truth! You have helped me this day!


sagreen125 said...

your devotion was what I needed to hear today. to let my father fill me and heal me from those potholes in life.

Robin said...

Great post, both on your site, as well as P31. Love the pictures at the top of your site. I too need God to heal me from the potholes.

Michele said...

Great devotion and oh so true! My husband was becoming discouraged by something that happened (or failed to happen) in our ministry lately and I found one of Dr. Charles Stanley's life principles that I could encourage him with. Dr. Stanley said, "Disappointment is inevitable, discouragement is an option". We need to look up to God, look for the positives, and choose not to become discouraged.


Familyof6inTX said...

Thanks for the reminder that we are built up by our potholes. I was hit by a huge pothole earlier this week. My first reaction as always was how can I fix this quick and get over it. I have had to force myself to slow down and remember that God knows how things are going to turn out. I have my own destination and conclusion in mind but He know how things are going to work out and how I will be better for the journey. Please pray that I will hold tight to that in the coming week - lots of opportunities for pot holes in the next 8 days.

Glynnis Whitwer said...

Van - this is an amazing post. I love your point about not assessing the damage of life's pot holes. I too just go on, when I should be more realistic about the pain and damage. Thank you for conveying this message so clearly and with such depth. Love you!

Regina said...

Last year was one big pot hole after another, but God's word continued to keep me aligned and I thank Him everyday for that. I just kept repeating Psalm 23 over and over again,when I fell in and God would pull me out fix me up and gave me peace. Thanks for sharing!

Jeanies Heavenly Treasures said...


What an Awesome, powerful message! You are so right on!If we never had any troubles in our lives, then why would we see our need for God?
God Bless You Southern Sister of God!

Princess said...

Wow! I am in awe of God once again. I don't read P31 every morning, but when I asked God this morning what devotion He wanted me to do that was His answer. As soon as I read the scripture I knew God was taking me on a ride. It fit perfectly to what I have been going through the last couple of weeks and what God has been speaking to me. I had NO idea the extent of the ride though! Talk about a word in due season. I am speechless and just overwhelmed by the love my God has for me. Thanks for the encouragement and being His mouth piece.

Anonymous said...

This was a great devotion. There are many potholes in life. I'm in the middle of one now and praying to recover from it. It is good to be reminded that God is teaching and growing us and that we will come out of the pothole. And thank you for the reminder to check ourselves, so that we properly heal. It's funny how we think the manage and care for other things so they continue running well but we forget to do the same for ourselves. Thank you for the reminder and encouragement!

Anonymous said...

Thanks so much for sharing this...this post is an answer to prayer for me right now as I feel I am in a pothole! :)

Annette said...

Love you post....thank you and God bless you for sharing so freely from your heart...we all fall into the potholes on the road of life and someone of us stay in the pit far too long having a pity-party...hard to shine for Jesus when the focus is only on self and what has caused us to fall into the pit. Your post has helped me greatly today.

Anonymous said...

Hello, Van
The "potholes" was just what I needed today-God is good-thank you so much for the reminder-isn't it interesting how we ALL can relate.
What a great and good and loving Father, Faithful Friend in our Lord Jesus Christ and Precious Holy Spirit to lift us up and out of the muck to understand and hear the Truth in love-Thank you for loving Jesus so much that you want others to know Him, too.

Billie R.<><
Philippians 1:3,4

KELLY said...

Thank you Van for the reminder in this devotion. My husband and I have been in a "pohole" for almost a year with his unemployment, but just when we think we have to take some drastic measure due to our finances, God shows us a way. After this year I'd like to say I am prepared for the "potholes" of life, but I know that I am not, but I do know where to turn!!

Cool Grandma said...

Your words encouraged me today. I hope you don't mind....I posted your scripture from James on facebook today....I did you give you credit. I needed that scripture today, yesterday and the past weeks.