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Tuesday, January 15, 2008


Have you ever longed for true contentment, peace, comfort, unbroken trust...?

Today I took my dog - Air to visit a group of children. We travel a lot together. I tell him early the morning of our trip that today we will go to another classroom. He doesn't know what I am saying, but he is happy to oblige. After I load up the car I take him for a short walk and let him do his business. I drop the tailgate to the Tahoe and Air flies into the back. He LOVES traveling with me.

This is the routine:
-We arrive at the school.
-I remove the resources I am going to sell - books and DVDs, puppet in a doggie basket, and stamp pad, from the car.
-I assure my little dog, caressing him with my hands, that I will return for him. When I shut the door, he takes a stand that allows his eyes to follow me as far as he can focus. My heart breaks to experience his loyalty.
-I arrive in the large room where I find a group of children eagerly waiting for me.
-After introductions, I read Air's story.
-I tell the children that I have a surprise for them! Air is coming to visit their classroom or chapel. They scream with glee.
-When I return with Air, the children are spell bound. You would think they were at a circus, they are so excited. Instead it is ordinary dog-lover me and my plain little pound puppy. I think children prefer plain, ordinary, and simple!
-I ask them some questions about the story, like
- "What did Air say was the best thing about his new master?"
-The children reply. "His master gives him treats." or "His master takes good care of him."
-“Would you like to see his tricks?"
-Air turns on his charm and entertains the children.
-Sometimes I get to talk with the boys and girls about what they learned from Air's story.

This simple "show," reading the story and showing off doggie tricks, lasts no more than 20 minutes, yet the children seem enthralled and they learn so much.

Today the home school group told me what they learned:

"Air didn't obey his mommy and he got lost."
"He wandered away and didn't know that following a frog would put him in the dog pound."
"Following a frog is like - - - doing sin stuff."
"Even when we are lost, Jesus is with us."

Air "signs" his book for the children who buy a book or DVD. He obviously doesn't like this part of the "show." He endures, though, and the children

I bring this to their attention. "Look at Air. Does he like signing books? He doesn't even know how to write, so obviously he doesn't know what he is doing. But, is he complaining? Is he obedient?"

What is the lesson?

"He does what his master tells him to do, even if he doesn't understand."

Yes. They got it! The children have seen God's word at work, right before their very eyes.

We do not always understand God's plan for us. I consider my dog. He submits to the moment, trusting that this too will pass. I want to be like my dog and trust God with my life.

Right now, Air is dreaming doggie dreams as he sleeps at my feet in the ray of sunshine peeking through the window. Ah - the life of a dog.

Could be my life. Could be yours.


Laura said...

Hello, Dear friend! I love the pic of Air warming your toesies! I have to tell you that right now my furry little friend is curled up beside me, taking advantage of my body heat. They are so faithful, aren't they? After reading your blog, I wished I was back in school so I could see Air "sign" a book for me! Speaking of books, mine will be in the mail to you tomorrow!
Thank you for your gift of story! I enjoy it just as much as I did when I was a little girl!

Peggy said...

What a simply beautiful story of the devotion, loyalty and love of a dog and master. What wonderful analogies between us and our relationship with God/Jesus! I love
your photo and Air. I have 5 dogs with me in Mexico, rescued from the horrible life they would have had here and 2 back at home in MN.
Having been a teacher and home schooler as well as dog & horse lover, I so enjoyed how you have truly blessed many with your visits, book and teaching. May God
continue to inspire your creative flare! Thank you for sharing and loving the children and AIR so much
it most definitely has an impact and correlation of Jesus with us!

Celly B said...

What a great ministry! I can completely identify with dogs teaching us things. I have just created a brand-new blog with an article of how a crisis with our dog taught our family a great deal. I'd be honored if you'd check it out: