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Wednesday, January 2, 2008


I have begun the new year hopelessly caught up in the lives of three people I met during the last two weeks. None of these people knows me. I know them because I read, or listened to, the books they wrote. It seems that each step I take, each decision I make, each conversation I have somehow returns to one of the three books I read. If you can't tell, each book impacted my life.

And what about these books has intrigued me? Two books were biographies of famous men. As I listened to their stories my admiration grew for each one. I learned about American politics, life in Washington DC, the judicial system, and survival. I also learned a lot about football, perseverance, painful struggles, the mistakes humans make, the grace needed to overcome, success, and failure. The third book was the story of a dog. I caught a glimpse of devotion, unconditional love, heart break, hard work, desperation, life, and death. WOW. I feel so well rounded, so exposed, so worldly. I don't mean to sound uppity or arrogant. I just wish to encourage you to read more this year. I had the privilege of being exposed to three books and I learned so much. I hope to live my life differently as a result of having read/listened to each author's tale.

What I find interesting is that the three books about a coach, a judge, and a dog shared a common thread. Each was rescued in one way or another from life's hard knocks.

What follows is three reviews- probably not all written today, though.

RESCUING SPRITE by Mark Levin was my sister's Christmas gift to me. Along with the book she gave me a box of the most delicious tea I have ever sipped. What a great gift, a book and tea. Talk about relaxing and inspiring. Watch out girlfriends. I may be gifting you with a book, a blanket, and a bit of tea for your birthday this year. My sister and I grew up with dogs - oh by the way the Sprite in the book was a dog. Mark tells the story of how his family rescued Sprite and how the wonderful dog changed the lives of the Levin family. I could relate - big time. I have a dog - Air. My son and I rescued him. Our little dog also changed our lives - mine especially. From the moment I stepped into the animal shelter and saw the sad faces of those helpless little animals until an epiphany I had years later, our rescued dog planted a seed of spiritual transformation in my life, a seed that has grown and bloomed, a seed that has given me purpose and dignity in life. In fact, like Mark, I too wrote a book about my dog, FROM THE POUND TO THE PALACE. Many of you have read it and gifted it the children in your lives. I so appreciate your kind comments and your support. Unlike Mark, my book was written for children. Each book, though has the power to change lives. RESCUING SPRITE is a warm story about a united family - we so need happy, united families these days. The family agrees to take in a lost dog, give him a home, and shower him with love treating him with respect and dignity. In return the dog filled the lives of the Levin family with joy, warmth, laughter, and purpose. Part of the proceeds of Mark's book goes to help rescue helpless animals. His heart is so open to aiding abandoned, lost, and abused dogs one can't help but want to run, not walk, to the nearest animal shelter to bring home a pet for each member of the family. What a way to teach responsibiltiy and compassion to our children. Anyway, my heart was made bigger for having read RESCUING SPRITE. Not only do I want to love my little dog better, but I want to reach out to all God's creation - especially men and women, to dignify them with respect and honor - something else society so needs and longs for. Get the book and make it a family read. It will change the way you do family in your home.

That's it. If you are at all interested in the other books I read, just come back for another visit. Bring your tea!


Laura said...

Thank you for that wonderful review, Van, can't wait to read the next ones. I might need a good read if it keeps snowing up here! There's no better feeling than being snowed in with a good book!
Your blog is becoming a regular stop in my morning routine. It goes nicely with my devotional time! Write more!!

Rachel Olsen said...

Hi Van! I enjoyed your post because one of my 2008 goals is to read more. I already read quite a bit but Rick and I have decided to set aside one night a week that we will both read - no TV, no computer time, just read.

You are right - what well rounded reading you've been doing! I'll look for your other 2 reviews in the comming weeks. Happy reading, girlfriend!

Blessings ~ Rachel

Kelly said...

Hi Van! Thanks for leaving the comment on my blog! I will be happy to send you the scarf, I am nearly finished with it, so can send it out to you the first part of next week. Please email me at keeekers@harbornet.com and let me know your mailing address! I am so excited to send it to you! Thanks for your comment..I just read your review about Rescuing Sprite..that is a book I have been wanting to read and definitely will have to get it now!
Blessings, hope to hear from you soon!
Kelly Lake

Lala's world said...

Hi thank you for visiting my blog! your book looks great!! what an accomplishment!
I love reading so am always looking for new books to digest!

Happy New Year

Lysa TerKeurst said...

Sounds like a great books! I'll keep checking for more reviews~
Sweet blessings to you my well-read friend.