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Wednesday, January 16, 2008


Not really, but read on…

Just before Christmas I dragged my husband to the mall to pick up two gifts. At the last minute, although I had sworn I was not going to Christmas shop this year, I had a weak moment. I wanted to buy each of my sons a gift and wrap it. So off to the mall we trekked. We walked into one of the large anchor department stores and I immediately lost my focus.

I had come to shop for my boys, but the sweater I had dreamed of caught my attention. “Ooops,” I said to my DH. “I think I spotted my Christmas gift.”

This is why a woman should NEVER go to the mall. Seriously, it had been months since I had been in the mall. I avoid going because of a rule our family developed years ago. “If you don’t have the cash, then you can’t afford it.” Rule number 2 – “No impulsive purchases.” Going to the mall is no fun if you can’t shop impulsively. In my family it is not allowed. End of story.

OK so I am in the department store shopping for my dear sons and a glittery lovely thing of a golden sweater jumps out at me in all its brilliance. “Ah. That is exactly what I thought would go with my slacks for Christmas Eve service.”

You see as I pondered my wardrobe for my trip home AND to impress the sisters-in-law, I had truly thought – “Oh wouldn’t a sweater with golden threads woven in it – you know, sorta metallic, look great with thes brown pants and jacket?"

So when the sweater yelled at me from the rack, I stood stunned. “Is this an impulsive purchase?”

Then I heard my wonderfully generous husband say. “Go ahead, get it. Merry Christmas.”

Almost giddy ,I walked toward the golden sweater. I picked it up. It was so soft and just what I wanted. Then –SHOCK. The price tag fell out of the sleeve and I couldn’t believe what I was seeing!

I don’t get out much – not to the shops, anyway.


NO WAY. I folded up the sweater and walked away.

“This trip is for my boys not for me.”

Once I purchased my sons’ sweaters I rendezvoused with my husband.

“Well did you get it?”

“No way – too expensive. Besides, this trip is about the boys. It’s not about me.”

Guess what. I never missed that sweater. I had a marvelous Christmas. I didn’t have to have it. Not having it didn’t make me sad. Having it could not have made my Christmas any more magical than it was.

Fast forward to today. I had an hour between meetings so I decided to follow up on Wendy’s suggestion that we run over to Stein Mart because of a great sale. She is a shopping queen and regularly finds wonderful deals. She shares her finds with her friends and I love friends who make fun announcements and then encourage us to go have fun.

I parked in the parking lot and headed toward the one store where I do like to shop. Marshall’s loomed big as I walked down the sidewalk so I thought- “I’ll split my time between stores.” You see I need some new black shoes.

I didn’t find any shoes so I started looking through racks of sale items. I did need casual tops for jeans. Absentmindedly I dragged hangars across the rack. Then suddenly, right there before my eyes – THE GOLDEN SWEATER. Well not exactly the identical one, but a lovely one all the same, one I could fall in love with! Slowly I picked up the sleeve to check the price tag.

$10.00!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I couldn’t believe it! I grabbed the sweater and hugged it like it was a long lost friend.

Time stood still for a moment as it so often does when I experience God’s presence. Yes even in Marshall’s. He is everywhere you know. I felt so loved and I also felt God’s warm smile.

“It IS about you. I love you.”

I love it when God surprises me.

You know what – my husband loves it too. When I showed him my find – he smiled too!


Celly B said...

What a bargain! And what a neat story illustrating how God cares for all the details in our lives.

Thank you for visiting my blog and for your kind comments. I went back and read your post on Rescuing Sprite. I will definitely check that book out. Boy, I surely liked your present. I love teas, and my husband gave me a collection of flavored loose teas for Christmas. What could be better than tea, a book, and a blanket? C. S. Lewis said, "You can't get a cup of tea large enough or a book long enough to suit me." I'd say we're in good company!

Digging for Pearls said...

Cute story. It's amazing how God works out the details in our lives when we allow Him to do that. Too often we rush ahead of Him. I'm trying to learn to wait for His timing.

Laura said...

Hi, friend! I bet you look gorgeous in that gold sweater! God is so good! There is no detail too small for Him to care about. When He does little things like that for me, I always consider them to be Hugs from Him! Love you, Dear One!

Kelly said...

Hi Van,
I loved your story...Jesus is so good to us...it reminds me of one time I saw a silver purse with a seashell clasp in a Nordstrom catalog years ago...it was $80, extravagent and too much for my budget but I loved it but wouldn't spend that for it. A few weeks later, I went to an estate sale, and in a box, found a vintage purse that looked almost identical to the Nordstrom one, complete with seashell clasp, for a whopping $1.00!! It hangs on a closet doorknob upstairs and everytime I see it it reminds me of God's personal love and detailed care for me...His love is lavish and intricate!! Enjoy your lovely gold sweater.
PS I also like your rule about cash only and no impulse buys....I am wondering how you got there and have managed to stick to it! I need to do the same!!

Shari said...

Hi Van, What a wonderful story! And you look so good in gold! I miss seeing you...hope you are having a wonderful snowy day! I baked today...can you believe it? love ya, Shari

Anonymous said...

Hi Van,
I loved this blog. Personally I my self want to become a teacher. With my own classroom, of course.
Please keep on inspiring more people.
Daisy Hernandez