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Monday, January 21, 2008

HOW IT ALL BEGAN – Chapter 2

I thought, when I walked across the stage and received my diploma – at the “mature” age of 21 - that I had accomplished whatever God’s plans were for me. Little did I know, He had only just begun.

During the decades of my 20’s, 30’s and 40’s I taught children in a variety of situations. My first real job with children came with a title! Recreational Director. How fun – huh? Not really – you see the children I was hired to play with lived in the children’s shelter where I worked. I loved my job. I hated the circumstances.

After working in the home for children I began teaching high school. I had arrived! Finally I had my own class room. Surely the fulfillment I experienced as I taught teens meant that I had reached the goal God had planned for me.

When my sons were born, I stopped teaching for a season to be a full time mom. As soon as they entered school I returned to the classroom.

Then the dreaded day arrived – I had to fulfill the state requirements or I could not continue to teach. I set out on a new adventure with a new goal – get a Master’s Degree! UGH!

God had a plan and it was not that I earn a graduate degree (although I did – I had to in order to keep my job). During the process of studying, I took a creative writing class. Suddenly, I found myself enjoying the process of writing.

So, years later, when an experience I had with my son prompted me to write a children’s book, I realized God was still not finished with me. Even earning a graduate degree had not been the ultimate goal.

I wrote my book, published it, and much to my heart’s content a few people bought it. Some of my friends encouraged me to translate it into Spanish. “No,” I thought. “The Latin American boys and girls who are bilingual like me will enjoy reading it in English.”

One recent day, after speaking at a women’s event in a Spanish church, I wandered over to my resource table where a little girl was thumbing through my book. Carina dragged her mother toward the little pile of my books and, as children do, begged for money. Her mother spoke not one word of English, but gave her daughter several bills. Carina’s English was perfect. She asked, “How much?” She gave me the money and even counted the change in English. “Thank you.” She skipped off happily.

The next thing I knew Carina gathered her friends around her. Directing them to sit and listen, she read my book to her Hispanic friends in ENGLISH! They laughed, talked about the story, and returned to favorite pictures. Their entire conversation took place in English.

Amazing! I took a picture. Joy was welling up inside me, like a full fountain, overflowing…

Consider the implications of this picture: Having begun life on foreign soil and received my earliest training teaching my neighbors to read and write, I now continue life in my own country where God continues to allow me to touch the lives of Latin American children. These children are my neighbors, but their status is no longer “poor.” They speak two languages. They write and they are reading - - - my book - - - in English!

I had to take a picture. Who would have ever thought it?

Oh- God, of course.

“His purpose was for the nations to seek after God and perhaps feel their way toward him and find him, though He is not far from any one of us.” Acts 17: 27

By the way, you might not know this – my book From the Pound to the Palace is the story of a little dog who wandered away and got lost. One day his master found him, unlocked the door of his desperate condition and took him home. The story of the little dog is a story that each child experiences when choosing to disobey and live a rebellious life or to obey God and walk with the Master forever.

When Carina had finished reading the book to her friends, I sat down with them and told each one, “Do you know that you are like the dog in this story? You also have a Master who loves you. You can ask Jesus to be your Master and he will always be your best friend.”



"K" said...

What a wonderful way for it to begin. i am going to order the book to use at my church for childrens time. Thanks again to Proverbs31 and the writers. Thank you for posting your blogs, I really need them.
Your sister in Christ

Laura said...

Hi, Van! I've been out of commission for a couple days, with my computer down. (I've been sneaking little bits of time on my hubbie's, but he's banned me from it...after it froze up on me twice!) I love to read your stories about your Hispanic ministry. It is so fascinating to me that you have this whole other heritage to claim as your own. What a powerful gift. When you look back on your life, do you see God in places that you were not able to see then? I can tell you were a special little girl by your stories. Thank you for sharing them, I look forward to hearing more.
Thank you also, for your understanding of what it takes to raise boys! I think that is another reason I enjoy your writing so much; it takes a special momma to raise boys! I'm biased, of course, but I do think they are special.
I'm glad to know that you have received my book, and I can't wait to hear what you think! I'm getting ready to book my SheSpeaks reservations, am just waiting on a friend to decide if she wants to go or not. Can't wait to see you this summer!
:) Laura

Laura said...

What a sweet story and picture! Thanks for sharing.

Amy Carroll said...

At first I wondered if the pics were from Equador! I love how you now see the steps that God created to get you to this point. I'm beginning to see the bigger picture of the tapestry of my life too, and I love it! It's such an honor to get a "behind the scenes" pass to God's workshop.

Love you!

Laura said...

Van, I just read your P31 devo about Isabella and Jesus and had to comment on what a beautiful story! What a precious illustration of how to make the unseen real to a child. Thank you!

Mariel said...

Ok, so I found more on your blog that interests me...a hispanic ministry! I am cuban and my mother(who only recently accepted jesus) is now using her "bilingualness" and her heart for her own people (hispanics) to minister and spread the love of Christ. I was born in Miami, Fl..but my family came from Cuba in the late 50s. I have such a heart for especially Cubans to know their Savior! When I get my Voice of the Martyrs magazine the pictures and stories that strike me most are those of believers in cuba who are being persecuted for spreading their faith.
Praise the Lord for believers like you that use your heritage to reach others.
blessings, mariel