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Friday, April 11, 2008


God has not told me exactly what He wants me to do either, but I have a good idea what I should be doing while I wait to “hear” exactly what He wants me to do.

Until then I have decided to be a friend to strangers and to help those in trouble.

You may or may not know this about me: I have a heart for Latinas, Hispanic women who find themselves here in the United States. I wish they didn’t have to come here. I wish their own country could support them, dignify them, give them and their children a future. I am so blessed to have my American heritage and as long as I can I will be hospitable to others. My prayer is that one day – what they have experienced here – they will take back and help to turn their own country around leaving a legacy for future generations.

Maybe, in some small way, I can reach out and touch them with the love God gives me when He touches me.

This week I took a whole load of no-longer-needed jewelry to the pregnancy care center where I volunteer. I taught the ladies about the American custom of “White Elephant.”

Then we proceeded to pick out gift bags filled with “jewels.”

I wanted each lady to look at her “precious stones” and remember that,
In God’s eyes a woman’s worth is more than jewels.

Women and daughters alike left that day wearing a reminder that although they are strangers to this country, they are no strangers to God.

Can you spot the jewels? I don't mean the bracelets, necklaces, and boaches! I mean the gorgeous brown-eyed beauties in these pictures.

…but, you say, I really wish God would tell me what He wants ME to do. Stay tuned – next time you return I will give you some ideas.


Laura said...

There are, indeed, some beautiful jewels in this post! I look forward to hearing your insights into finding our gifts. So many women I know struggle with this issue, including me. Sometimes I think this question can paralyze us into doing nothing while we wait for our answer, but I love your heart...you serve as you wait. These women are truly blessed to have you to love and serve them, Dear Friend!

Shanda said...

Hi Van,
I love your attitude in serving while you wait... I have to admit I'm struggle quit a bit in my new adventure. Would you pray for me and my family as we find ourselves out on a limb and waiting for the next step??? Thanks for the encouragement in this post!