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Saturday, April 5, 2008


I love my sons! I thought life had come to an end when each one (I have two) left home to go off to college. I’ve been an empty nester for a year and a half and survived. I live off the joy of having had them for so many wonderful years. I live off the joy they give me each time I talk with them or see them.

My older son – Aaron made my day today. He called me early this morning to chat. There is no greater gift. He gave me the gift of his time – my love language. Oh – yes I taught my boys all about the Love Languages, their Personality Styles, and their Spiritual Gifts.

So he called me to tell me how much he appreciates me!

at 28 years old – grad student at Marquette in Milwaukee calling home to say, “Mom, I taught a class of undergrads yesterday for my prof. Now I know how hard you worked as a teacher and I can appreciate what you must have put into the classes you taught. I see how much goes into one lesson.”

He thought he could walk into the class, tell the students to open their books to page so-and-so, ask a few questions, get them engaged, and voila! Done.

Not so easy --- first, no one brought a book. “Even in college they give lame excuses.”

A student was heard to say, “Dr. So-and-so never uses the book.” Ooops

So then Aaron asked a question. Everyone stared at him as if he were speaking alieneese.

OK, then another tactic…

He finished his report to me saying that he finally engaged them, but it took a while. He had forgotten that was the most important part of teaching. Engage the students. Build a relationship A couple of the students actually stayed behind after class and told him they appreciated his efforts to connect and also understood his diagrams and lesson. One said, “I understand it now.”

“Mom, I can’t believe you taught teenagers for so many years. You have to be exhausted.”

You know what I told him? “When you are confident of your calling and your giftedness the “work” God gives you to do energizes you, and the exhaustion is such a wonderfully fulfilling experience you go back for more and more.”

Aaron is still waiting to hear from God what it is exactly his Father has in store for him. Meanwhile he works at being the best son ever – in addition to his little brother, who is also the best son ever!

“Raise them up the way they should go…” Pray for them. Never ever give up. Pray with them. Always stay engaged. Pray. Hold on to the relationship. Pray and point them to God. Invest your life in your children. Give them to God. You think birth is a miracle! Praise God. Wait ‘til you see them grown - amazing and marvelous workmanship of God.

Thank you Father for my sons.


Laura said...

I rejoice with you in your sweet phone call today! How special to have your child realize the value of one of your callings. Both of your sons sound very special, Van. they oughtta be...they've got one special momma!

elaine @ peace for the journey said...

I love this post about your son! I have 4 kids...one leaving the nest this past fall for college. It nearly killed me, but God has faithfully carried me through the transition, and watching him grow into manhood is by far, the greatest joy I have known as a mother.

On the contrast, my youngest is in kindergarten. She asked Jesus to come and live in her heart two weeks ago. I wrote about her this morning on my blog.

How blessed I am to have so many things to write about because of my kids. They've shaped me through hard experience, but these past 19 years have been worth each and every season of growth.

Thanks for sharing.


Anonymous said...

Thank you for your encouragement. I have 3 sons--all 3 are teenagers at the moment. I find these years exhausting and I long for the sweet little boys that would climb onto my lap just for a hug or just to sit. I occasionally see a "bright moment" with my 19 year old. Last Sunday I had to be at church before he was even out of bed so when he saw me at church he gave me a hug and kiss and a "good morning Mom" IN PUBLIC!!!??!!
I know that the Lord has great things in store for them as they become young men so I will just keep on praying.

Thank you Lord for my sons!
Kim from PA

Laura said...

That is such a sweet conversation! I hope you are still coming to Little Rock the end of April! Can't wait to see you!

Jenny said...

Thank you for this! This week has been one of those weeks with the girls! Thank you for reminding me that one day I will see in them what I took the time to plant!

Mommyluann said...

This is a good post to resurrect on this Mother's Day! God Bless, Van!