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Monday, April 21, 2008


Are you moving? Whether you are anticipating a cross-country relocation due to a corporate transfer or you are facing a military assignment or feeling called to the mission field maybe you find yourself challenged by the uncertain future. I have looked straight on to many a move. Commiserating with my moving friends we have referred to ourselves as move-hers. You know – we are movers – but not the people who move others for a living, but women who move! So now you will know what I mean when I refer to those of us who move as move-hers. Welcome to the jungle!

A move is like a storm. The clouds gather. Air currents swirl as initial gentle breezes turn into strong winds knocking the move-her off her feet. These air currents show up in the midst of office gossip. The gentle breezes grow while restructuring news filters through the corporation. The strong winds are the announcements declaring that I will have to move. I am in the midst of this storm as I wait out the approaching move. The storm threatens to become a disaster if I allow my emotions to take over and turn me upside down.

But after so many moves I realize they serve to cleanse and purify me, just like a heavy rain or thrashing wind. Instead of being swept up in the wind I grab onto my anchor, my firm foundation, my Rock – Jesus and his Word. There I rest in peace and listen to the lessons in the storm realizing that His voice is powerful and majestic. Whatever He allows to come into my life is a blessing. He uses the moving storm to perfect me.

When the clouds roll away and the sun once again shines I will stand, take a deep breath of His Spirit and face the future, knowing a new day has begun.


Laura said...

Dear Van,
My friend that I spoke of recently who has just moved may now have to move again ! Sometimes it feels like this journey our Father has us on is a willy-nilly one at best! But we know, and your experiences confirm, that He is growing us through it all. I am praying for my dear friend, that she may find some comfort in your words. Hindsight is so much clearer...