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Saturday, April 26, 2008


Today I want to honor God. I want to stand up and proclaim his position over the creation his hands so carefully designed.

So I stand on my front porch as the sun rises and lift my hands to take the blessings He so generously gives me each day. Today is a different day, though.

In my garden I have a trellis. It is a “champagne glass” that bubbles each spring to remind me who is worthy of my toast. Today my champagne glass is bubbling over and so does God’s Spirit within me!

To God, my Father, my Creator who reached down from His high place in heaven to fashion me in His image. Even though I do not deserve Your blessings or Your attention I hear the promises you
speak to me. You surround me with the beauty of this earth and you
provide for me. You call me to be Your friend. I cannot imagine a
higher honor. You didn’t have to invite me to Your party this Spring.
I celebrate YOU.
Here’s to YOU, God.


elaine @ peace for the journey said...

He, alone, is worthy of my praise. He, alone, can fill the void in me that cries out for filling. I'm thankful for the beauty of Spring because it reminds me that God is still in creation business! How I desperately need a fresh bloom in my own life this day. I think I will take some time to walk outside and notice the splendor of his hands.

Thanks for bringing some perspective to my world.


Kelly said...

Hi Van,
I loved your post for today! I took a walk around my neighborhood yesterday morning, trying to drink in the sunshine as we have had it very cold and wet here lately and the sun was out and needed to be enjoyed...I wanted to walk and look at flowers in yards..but just as I got started, two loose dogs came running towards me and one of them (a black lab!) bit me on the back of the calf!!! I am okay, it wasn't a bad bite, but really scared me..I had to yell to shout them away and then they left, needless to say, I was kind of shook up so didn't finish my spring nature walk...but I still toast to God's beautiful spring creation!

Sassy Granny said...

Sometimes His glory absolutely takes my breath away, but not-so-much so as not to be able to lift my glass and share your cheer.