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Saturday, May 3, 2008



Friday night – where does the family want to eat out? Everyone had an idea. My mother-in-law wanted Mexican. Everyone agreed except not everyone agreed upon the same restaurant. Lots of discussion followed.

We didn’t want to return to restaurant x because the guacamole was a light green color and runny - definitely not made from avocados.

Only the nephew wanted to go to restaurant y because he liked their lemonade. The food really is not authentic.

We agreed upon restaurant z – or so we thought.

My husband and I piled in the car with his parents and drove to restaurant z. We asked that tables be set up for 9 and sat down. In a few minutes the food runner brought five bowls of chips and salsa.

The four of us chewed through a bowl of chips and salsa apiece. Then we looked at each other and checked the time. “Where was the rest of the family?”

We waited fifteen minutes.

Finally the phone rang. “Where are you?” My husband asked into the receiver. He broke out in a laugh and told the nephew on the end of the line that we were at restaurant z. He listened, laughed some more and hung up.

“They are at restaurant mex and claim they told us to meet them there.”

How had the mix up happened?

We stayed at our restaurant – 4 people sitting at a table for 9. Later we learned that the rest of our family – 5 people sat at a table for 9! They too had bowls of chips and salsa.

What we didn’t know is that we were less than a block away from one another!

Families, communication, plans, follow through… it’s never easy.

Later on that evening more family members joined us and listened as we all sat around in the house of the matriarch and patriarch telling our versions of the evening gone astray. Lots of laughter passed around the circle. Children listened as adults forgave, gave grace, and realized that sometimes the best laid plans just fall apart. And that is OK.

We ate our dessert together and that was all that mattered.


Laura said...

Hi, Van! Isn't it the truth that most major miscommunications occur within the family? Sounds like it all turned out ok though. Another story to add to the repertoire. Life has been a little busy here, as it always is when the school year draws to an end. Enjoying catching up with you this afternoon!

elaine @ peace for the journey said...

Yes Van! That will preach. Eating the dessert together in the end is really what matters. What a powerful story. I don't know if you intended for me to go further in my application, but I did, and I love it! (Perfect analogies surround our lives, and I am always looking for them.)

Was with Renee today at her conference in Goldsboro and was blessed by her words and her authentic leadership.

May you find your Sabbath rest this weekend, and thanks for always writing such thoughtful posts. I printed out the one your wrote about God's will moving within and along our decisions, no matter where our feet take us.


Laura said...

Hello, Van, still catching up! I just read your comment on my Shepherdstown post, and yes! I am so happy that this experience resonated with the message you are planning. I would be honored if you used any of my words to help others. Keep me posted!

Laura said...

That is too funny!

Mommyluann said...

I'd love to hear you in person sometime. I think you were at a former student's church in Mooresville recently..or in the past few months..Liberty Baptist??? We live in Johnson City Tenn and attend Tri Cities Baptist Church..a church of about 1,000. I am on the events team and we bring in speakers occassionally.

Shanda said...

I too enjoyed your humor in family miscommunication! They happen all too often these days at my house and there's only two of us! I think dessert is always the best way to work things out! :o)