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Sunday, May 25, 2008


<Ripping out, to replant

Almost everything I know about life I learn while working in my garden. This spring I spent some time with my mother-in-law on her patio. When I first stepped out it looked like this.

and this:

My life looks like this – A LOT. There are parts of me that I do not keep up. I ignore areas that need to be spruced up. I get lazy about important areas that cry out for constant attention. I get lazy and pretty soon I look like this.

This happens when we become complacent and comfortable. We forget the importance of removing the old and dead. We relax and allow life to settle to the lowest common denominator.

I believe moving keeps us on our toes. It forces us to look at ourselves, clean up our acts, remove the untidy, cut away that which no longer produces, snip away the unattractive aspects of our characters, forcing us to begin anew.

Oh yes it hurts. We throw away portions of our lives and say good-bye to yesterday. It is hard work and we mourn what we must bury.

It is worth it all, though. After a day of trimming, cutting, throwing, cleaning, the patio looked like this.

I have never wanted to move, but God from his heaven has looked down and in His infinite wisdom has noticed the ugliness in my life that I have begun to accept. Like a master gardener, He has determined what must go and how it has to be removed.

He has also devised a plan. He knows what my life will look like when I settle in my new pot and begin to grow. He knows that the day will come when my light will shine again.


Mommyluann said...

I think without knowing it God had you write this post for me...blessing to my friend I've never met in person.

Sassy Granny said...

Nature is such a great tutor! I've enjoyed your use of it for this modern day parable. It grace-iously reminds us how God prunes (I so dislike that part), fertilizes (sometimes yucky), transplants (not always where I want to be, and certainly not always among the other "plants" He's selected) and nurtures us to ensure an abundant bloom.

Come to think of it, it's also the source of the life-to-life aroma that is ours to bear & share.

Be blessed,

elaine @ peace for the journey said...


I welcome the pruning process, because it is my deepest desire to rid my heart and life of everything that doesn't please God. However, I would love some practical tips on wading through the process. How do I discern the pruning from the pulling up at the root? I've been walking with God my entire life, and sometimes I think I just need a fresh approach to cleaning out my garden.


Laura said...

What a beautiful post, Van. And so true. How many times in my life have I longed for a "do over?" Pruning and maintenance takes work and time. Sometimes it's just easier to let things go. But you are so right. Abundant living requires it, doesn't it? I have been praying for you, dear friend. You are on my mind and heart.