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Monday, May 12, 2008



I believe God moves us to get our attention.

When God told Adam and Eve to pack up and move out of the Garden of Eden, I bet it got their attention.

Why do you think they had to move? We all know. They disobeyed. God needed to get their attention. Once out of the garden, whatcha’ wanna’ bet? They longed like they had never longed – to get back in His presence.

God has moved me to remind me that obedience is key to my relationship with Him. I long to live close to Him.

When all the builders joined to build the Tower of Babel and God saw their intentions He sent them packing to the four corners of the earth confusing their communication.

God has moved me to remind me that He is higher than I will ever be.

When the next generations became wicked and God moved Noah and his family into the ark telling them to shut the door and set sail, He did so to remove wickedness.

God has moved me to separate me from sinful behavior. He gave me a second chance.

I could keep commenting-continuing with Abraham and Sarah’s moves, charting Biblical history through the entire Old Testament all the way to John’s move to Patmos where he received a saw a vision of heaven.

God has moved me to remind me that life is all about moving and one day I will move to the house of the Lord – Forever!

God has moved me to get my attention and He succeeded. I know my last move will be an attention getter – can you imagine pulling up to heaven’s gates, movin’ in to never move on again!


elaine @ peace for the journey said...

That's the day I am longing for...that's the day.

Van, been praying for you this weekend. It's obvious that your need is great, and I don't need to know any more. May God continue to breathe fresh life and sustaining nourishment into your wearied soul as only he can.


Anonymous said...

Van -

Hola! I just returned from my brief "move" to Baghdad. I was there for just two weeks but I enjoyed every moment of it. I realized so much and I believe that God always sends me up there when I need something straightened out.

This time I truly can say HE was telling me to enjoy life and to take things slow. I realized how much I missed life in Iraq no matter now good I have it here in Kuwait.

Athough HE "moved me on" after my two weeks were up, I am keeping the lessons I learned not just deep in my heart but on the surface to show my Latina Ladies here that patience is the best and to value what you have regardless of where you are at.

I pray for you as you touch so many with your words each blog update. Thank you for everything!!

Layla Marie Garcia