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Thursday, January 29, 2009


for the Bible tells me so.

Wednesday I posted about waiting. I copied a quote that said if we waited trusting in God and him alone we were most likely to be the ones who would get a glimpse of his visible love.

"So I pray," I wrote. "...while I wait I ask God, 'Show me your love. I can survive knowing you love me.'”

End of discussion --with God.

Meanwhile all around me an issue is brewing. It is my passport. The issue is - I had misplaced it when I used it last November.

I don't plan on traveling any time soon - not that I-will-need-my- passport type of traveling so I have chosen to put my head in the sand and deal with it later. "I will think about it tomorrow."

The little itch - you know the gnawing thought that I SHOULD find that passport keeps surfacing. IT especially surfaced when Benjamin announced he was planning on taking one of those cheap cruises being offered. He and some friends thought a cruise would be a cheap spring break. They are right.

I am off track.

His dad and I reminded him that he might need his passport.

That reminded me that I didn't know where mine is!

So about a week or two ago, after checking a few drawers and files to no avail, I asked God to show me. "Where is that world's most important document that I can't find."

I had experienced a few night terrors of my identity being stolen.

Last night just before I fell asleep a quiet voice suggested I check the console of my car.

I barely remember hearing that voice. Didn't jump out of bed to go check - not last night, not first thing this morning.

But when I got in my car I looked in the console and there! My beloved passport! I am free to skip the country again.

Freeeeeee!!!!!!!!! Free to fly away and free from a silly worldy burden.

Thank you Jesus. You didn't have to do that. But thank you anyway. I am a mere groveling human and I NEED to know, need visible signs that you love me. You must really love me to have pointed out such a minor detail.

I shared this story with a friend and she piped up and said, "Jesus loves me too. Want to hear my story?"

I know Jesus loves you and shows you his love. Wanna' share how Jesus told you He loves you recently?


Stacey said...

Jesus loves me is my all time favorite songs. It was the only song I knew as a 28 year old just learning to believe in Him. When I would be scared, or have dreams of alcohol and bars, that would be the song I would sing to go back to sleep. How do I know He loves me, He's given me nearly 11 years of sobriety, He's restored my relationship with my family who had wiped me off the earth, He gave me a husband that accepted me as that "new creation" the Bible talks about at the point of salvation, He gave me three more children (one in heaven) to the already special one I already have. I had been told by two different doctor's I'd never have any more, and my lifestyle at the time, could have 100 different babies from on god knows who.... I also know He loves me because He has seen me through so many storms in my 10 years as a Christian. Yes, Jesus loves me...

Julie Coleman said...

I started out a few years ago very unsure of the path I had chosen. I had decided to give up a very successful teaching career in order to attempt to write and speak full time. It was such a scary move, since much of my identity and security was wrapped up in being a teacher.

The Lord has been faithful to give me many opportunities to serve Him as a speaker since that decision. But more importantly, at each retreat I have done, someone at one point or another has come up to me and said, "You need to keep doing this. It is your gift."

The first few times I thought it was coincidence. But it has happened at every retreat I have spoken at! Now it is a little joke between the Lord and I. "OK, I get it!" I whisper to Him. How gracious He is to reassure this very insecure woman!!

Like Gideon, who asked for the fleece miracle to reassure him on what He was to do, I think that God is ready to give us reassurance when we are up at bat. Gideon had already called the armies of Israel together for battle before asking God to do the fleece thing. He was clearly ready to obey. He just wanted reassurance.

I look forward to reading how God has demonstrated His love for more of your readers. He meets us all on such a personal, individual level. We have a great God!!

Jolene said...

Jesus loves me this I know! Gods blessings are new every morning! Today, I am rejoicing, and thanking God for a good Doctors visit yesterday. I am five months pregnant, and the precios little girl growing inside of me is healthy and doing well. I love the part of the visit when I get to listen to her heartbeat. The way that God is knitting her together in my womb is amazing, and I am so thankful to God for giving her to my husband and me.