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Friday, January 9, 2009


For Christmas – last year I gave everyone in my family these special microwaveable pots. I bought them from a Pampered Chef distributor.
I thought I was doing such a good deed. You see I am afraid that all the plastic we use to warm our food in microwaves may be detrimental to the health of my family – especially my children. I am a mother and I want them safe.

So I gave practical gifts. Everyone left with their pots. A year passed. I supposed they were using the gift I had given them.

The other day, just before Benjamin returned to the JUNGLE – college where he lives in a house with four other boys, in a tiny little neighborhood consisting of 3 houses full of boys and their dogs – he fessed up. I have to brace myself when he starts in on his stories:

He pulled himself up on the countertop in the kitchen, his long legs dandling over the cabinets --- I love when my boys join me in the kitchen to talk.
Look at that empty space!
It needs a boy talking to me.

I digress- he didn’t know whether to confess the truth about last year’s Christmas gift:

“Mom? I don’t have that – he pointed to my Pampered Chef pot, the one I was using to warm up his snack – pot any more.”

“Oh?” I replied trying to hide the hairs on my back that were bristling.

“One of my neighbors dropped in to borrow a pot to heat up his supper.”

Excuse me. I have heard of borrowing sugar and an egg or two – but a pot????

Oh well.

“Anyway, Mom. The next thing I heard was a yell from the kitchen.

His surprised face rounded the door frame and he looked at me…”

“Hey dude,” he said. “What’s with this pot? It’s melting all over the stove! I mean the food and everything - it has all become one!”

“Weird pot.”


Oh well.

Moral of the story: Don’t send your kids into the jungle with ANYTHING of value!

They WILL destroy it!

As Paul Harvey says, “Good day.”


http://www.luannprater.com said...

amen sista! I sent my newly married daughter and her husband off with a sofa that was just a couple of years old. They crammed it into the borrowed truck with a camper shell and off they went. She called when they arrived at their new home 7 hours away to tell me they were missing a cushion and did I have it. It seems the back door flew open during their travel through the mountains and some poor weary traveler probably had to avoid hitting an airborn seat.

Renee Swope said...

That is hilarious!!!!!!! Thanks for sharing!!

Laura said...

You were so right! I laughed out loud! Maybe the moral is to give a little demonstration to all male offspring before sending them off with items for the kitchen! Speaking of...your kitchen is beautiful!But would look better with a boy!Too bad SheSpeaks doesn't have doggie kenneling! I could bring LucyMae next time and we could take a walk with furry friends!

Love ya!


Marybeth said...

Oh, that is so my life-- I am convinced that these people I live with are determined to destroy any and everything I hold dear. We have been through three crockpots recently, just as an example-- How does one family go through three crockpots, you might ask? I don't even want to explain. As I told my son recently when he asked, "Why does everything break around here?"

Stuff just isn't made to endure a family of eight!!

MrsProverbs31 said...

Ohhh! Such beautiful pots. Boys will be boys. I will remember your story when I send my off or leave him alone at home.

Anonymous said...

Love it!;) I'm sure, even if you had explained it to them, gave them a demo even, they would have either only half listened, or said "I know, Mum!" (in exasperated tone...). I deal with this with my almost-8-year-old already... aaaargh!

Speaking of him... I took a quick look at your dog blog(!!) and am thinking it could be something we follow to incorporate in our devotions (I'm home-schooling). My boy LOVES animals, particularly dogs, so I'm off to have another look... I'm very glad you dropped by my blog! Have a wonderful day.

Gail W. said...

Van, I read this post this morning and I am still howling!!!!! Your description of "the boys in the 'hood" was downright poetical:)

Shannon Jacobyansky said...

How funny!

Julie Coleman said...

I laughed right out loud at your post. I remember when my mother used to say, "I'll never be allowed to have anything nice while you kids are in this house!" I couldn't figure out what she meant-- until I had four kids of my own.

My biggest loss was a chiming clock that was knocked off the wall during a nerf war. Sigh.

Yolanda said...

Pampered Chef makes some great things...their bread knife is a o.k.!

Tammy said...

That is so funny!

I had,yes I had the same pot from Pampered Chef and love it.

But then one day I must had repeated the process too many times in the mic becuase it came out smoking and melted:(