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Monday, January 26, 2009



I remember each one of my moves. I could give you details that would bore you, but they meant everything to me. You see I didn’t want to forget a thing about the home I was leaving behind.

One move, though, was more about where I was going, than what I was leaving. 20 years ago right now I was in the throws of a move – from Kentucky to Illinois, Naperville to be exact-Naperville a Chicago suburb. I was sooooooooo excited. Being the wife of a manufacturer meant we always lived in small towns. It seems manufacturing plants grow up in small place. I felt like the country cousin visiting the city.

There I was a young mom with two little boys – movin’ on up. So much to see, so much to do…

Tomorrow the women in our church begin our winter/spring Bible series. I have signed up to study Beth Moore’s new study on Esther.

Although she didn’t move from one state to another, she was a Jewish girl – some would say a country girl, in a world class city – the capital of the Persian Empire.

She had not moved. Her family, probably her grandparents were the ones who moved, during a forced march after Jerusalem fell to the Assyrians

Esther, a young Jewish girl in a foreign state, a member of a captive race in a strange place, she found herself one day living far away from the ghetto the Hebrews occupied.

The dramatic story of Esther describes life in the palace in Susa. The king gives a party and his wife refuses to attend. I would love to know why she said. “ no.” King Xerxes became so angry he dethroned his wife and began a search for a new queen. That is when Esther shows up. An unlikely choice, she became the king’s favorite and over the course of time saved her nation from total annihilation.

You know, God uses the moves in our lives for His purpose. He knows the plans He has for us. Maybe He is going to move us into a palace of sorts. Maybe we will be able to use our influence to change lives or save people! Imagine that. Is it possible we need to fill a void that has been left empty by another’s removal.

We may not want to go, but for sure if we refuse God’s invitation he will use another. I don’t want to miss that opportunity. I have learned to obey when God calls me to move. The adventures I have already experienced have been too dramatic to miss.

Tomorrow I’m moving to ancient Persia to a palace in Susa. It will be a spiritual journey like none I have taken in a while and I expect that God will use this time to teach me lessons about being open and ready to move when He gives the command.


Gail W. said...

I'm reminded of when I moved from a small college town to Saudi Arabia, two decades ago. Yes, God can use a move to move in mysterious ways! Enjoy the Esther study; sounds delicious.