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Wednesday, January 28, 2009



Like I wrote last week I am preparing for a retreat in Santa Fe, New Mexico for next month. The topic is waiting. The ministry team in charge of the retreat chose Wait Management: Surviving Time Trails as the title for our day long study.

Are you in the midst of a “time trial” right now?

As of this moment these are the time trials I know my friends, family, and acquaintances are facing:

Waiting to take an 11 year old son home from Duke Medical Center where he has been treated for a recurrence of leukemia. The family has been in a holding pattern since August. Friends have taken over her dress shop and are running it for her!

Waiting for a potentially devastating diagnosis for a child.

Thousands of our fellow Americans and world citizens are either waiting for the pink slip to show up or are already facing a life of unemployment, waiting and wondering if a new job will come across the wire.

Waiting for just the right time to take a beloved pet to the vet, waiting for the perfect timing to make that final farewell.

Waiting for the adoption to come through.

Waiting for match day – "will a medical residency program want me after four years of hard work and where will that be? "

Waiting for a relationship to heal.

Waiting for the electricity to come back on, facing freezing cold days and nights while the storm passes through.


My life seems to have been defined by many waits. I collect thoughts on waiting.

This one is my most recent fave:

January 24 entry in Streams in the Desert:

(Genesis 8:9-11) The verse describes the dove that flew back and forth in and out of Noah’s open window in the ark. Noah and his family sent the dove out and WAITED. When the dove returned empty beaked, they had to WAIT a while longer because she returned with no visitble sign.

So often we WAIT with no visitbe sign. We despair. We break apart.

We wonder how we will survive. But we do – we go on…

‘… those who are the most inclined to trust God without any evidence except HIS WORD always receive the greatest amount of visible evidence of His love.”

So while I wait I ask God, “Show me your love. I can survive knowing you love me.”

"Show the ones I love who are struggling through time trials, show them your love. Give them a glimpse of hope."

Believing Him, if storm clouds gather darkly ‘round,
And even if the heavens seem hushed, without a sound?
He hears each prayer and even notes the sparrow’s fall.

And praising Him, when sorrow grief and pain are near,
And even when we lose the thing that seems most dear?
Our loss is gain. Praise Him, in Him we have our All.

Our hand in His, e’en thought the path seems long and drear
We scarcely are a step ahead, and almost fear?
He guides us right – this way and that, to keep us near.

And satisfied when every path is blocked and bare,
And worldly things are gone and dead which sere so fair?
Believe and rest and trust in Him. He comes to stay.

Be strong and courageous. Do not be afraid or terrified…for
the LORD your God goes with you; he will never leave you nor forsake you

Deuteronomy 31:6

Jesus says, "I am with you always." Matthew 28:20


Julie Coleman said...

Hello Van:
You are more than welcome to "quote me" from what I wrote last week. I actually have quite a bit on waiting-- a whole chapter in my book manuscript is dedicated to "the wait" and I am currently working on a session for an upcoming retreat on waiting. I would be happy to share what the Lord has given me with you, if you are interested. My email is coleman.julie@gmail.com. If you send me your email address, I'll be happy to send you what I have.

This is a great topic for women-- because we are people who like to make things happen. Waiting is NOT my spiritual gift-- and probably not too many women are especially good at it!! Yet it is a definite tool God uses with us. Never easy but very effective! I'm glad you are teaching on this.

Amrita said...

Your blog is as pretty as you. I am so thrilled to visit you.

Love the way you introduced yourself

Lavender Dreamer said...

This is very timely. We are in a 'waiting' mode right now and I have enjoyed reading this post. It's nice to know it's not so rare and our waiting game is not so unusual!

Thanks for visiting me today and giving me some tips on my new red kitchen!

I will enjoy your blog! Thank you!

Alicia, The Snowflake said...

I once heard it referred to as the waiting room. The speaker asked, "what are we doing while we are there?"

I have been in the waiting room for the last few years, wondering when God is going to move. It has been difficult and there have been times where I wanted to give up. But I know that God is faithful and He will see us through. But I have tried to learn to be content. I have also tried to make the best of it and serve Him right where I am.

Thank you for the reminder to keep waiting on Him. He is faithful. I know He has not forgotten us. I will continue to praise His name.

Deanna said...

So while I wait I ask God, “Show me your love. I can survive knowing you love me.”

...absolutely love those words...

thanks for a beautiful post:O)
Love in Him, Deanna

Gail W. said...

I agree with Deanna - "While I wait, I ask God, 'Show me your love; I can survive knowing You love me." rocks my heart and soul. It all comes down to faith, "being sure of what we hope for and certain of what we do not see" (Hebrews 11:1). God bless you for tackling this 0h-so-timely subject!

Wendy Blight said...

I love what you wrote about those who wait patiently are those who see the most visible evidences of God's Love. I never thought of it that way, but as I look back on my most difficult wait times, that is so true. Those are the places I met Him personally and deeply, where He grew and stretched me way beyond what I thought I could bear.
Thank you for sharing this powerful truth.