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Monday, January 19, 2009


Big Time Movin' Going On

As I look on, observing and reading about the moves out of and into the White House, I am happy to stay put in my own house.

If you have ever moved you can truly relate to residents of the White House, both the past residents and the new residents.

Which is hardest?

Leave a home you have lived in for 8 years?

Move back home?

Make a move which has been promised to be an adventure of a life time?

Most of you agree with me - moving is a challenge.

I belive that the Bush's and the Obamas are all very excited today to be movin' on or movin in.

What are your thoughts?


Julie Coleman said...

The last time we moved, I informed my husband that when I left this house, I was planning on going out in a pine box.

I HATE moving. The worst part of it all is feeling like home isn't home. The morning after our move to this home, my son and I sat on boxes in the kitchen before anyone else was up eating cereal out of cool whip containers, laughing hysterically at how miserable we were. He had to dress by the static of his TV-- no lights-- and I couldn't find anything in the kitchen. We roared together.

Hmmm...I guess there are some fun memories to moving after all. If you can find humor in misery (I always can.)

Casey S. said...

We moved to Idaho about 4 years ago from Washington. I had never even set foot in Idaho before. My husband travelled ahead of us due to his job, which left me with the packing and selling of our home. What a challenge. It definately made me a stronger person, that's for sure.
The Obamas, I can only imagine are quite excited. What an exciting time for them as well as The Bush family. To move on to the next chapter of their lives.