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Monday, July 13, 2009



I believe God moves us to get our attention.

When God told Adam and Eve to pack up and move out of the Garden of Eden, I bet it got their attention.

Why do you think they had to move? We all know. They disobeyed. God needed to get their attention. Once out of the garden, whatcha’ wanna’ bet? They longed like they had never longed before – to get back into His presence.

God has moved me to remind me that obedience is key to my relationship with Him. I long to live close to Him.

When all the builders joined to build the Tower of Babel and God saw their intentions, He sent them packing to the four corners of the earth confusing their communication.

God has moved me to remind me that He is higher than I will ever be.

When the next generations became wicked and God moved Noah and his family into the ark, telling them to shut the door and set sail, He did so to remove wickedness.

God has moved me to separate me from sinful behavior. He gave me a second chance.

I could keep commenting - continuing with Abraham and Sarah’s moves, charting Biblical history through the entire Old Testament- all the way to John’s move to Patmos where he received a vision of heaven.

God has moved me to remind me that life is all about moving and one day I will move to the house of the Lord – Forever!

God has moved me to get my attention and He succeeded. I know my last move will be an attention getter – can you imagine pulling up to heaven’s gates, unpackin', movin’ in to never move on again!

Maybe you are not like me and all the corporate move-hers, missionaries, or military personnel who have had to pick up stakes and move often. One thing is for sure - we are all on the move - either physically, emotionally, or spiritually. If you are on the move emotionally I pray it is toward stability and maturity. I deeply hope you are on the move spiritually - always on the move toward an enduring relationship with Jesus who moved to earth in order to invite us to move in with Him!

Until that move, I set my eyes on the Prize and let my light...



Eddie Louis said...

To: Van
Can you explainwhy you are using so many ancedotes in your teaching endeavors of the word? It appears to me that you have made the gospel you and not GOD and JESUS. We all have testimonies that should be shared but we need to ensure that we do not keep the light on self but GOD and JESUS. As teachers and ministers of the word, we should ensure that the whole bible is taught from the first page to the last page continuingly. Using so many ancedotes, this aspects of teaching is omitted. Please see Mt.4:4. One could know more about you than GOD and JESUS.
With love in CHRIST

Eddie Harris@ eddielouis@bellsouth.net

cbuhrich said...

Dear Van,

Thank you seeing the sacred in everyday life! I too have been on the move and right now God is calling me to a yet to be revealed plan. So I guess you could say I am in God's Wait Room. Appreciate what you do....


Cindy Uhrich

Julie Coleman said...

Dear Van:
I just want to say I LOVE your anecdotes and am always blessed to hear how God's word is played out in your life and in the lives of others. You are using your gift to build the church, allowing us to see GOD and JESUS in the everyday circumstances in our lives. Your love and respect for scripture is evident in everything you write.

Please don't let the comment posted by Eddie discourage you. God uses us and our gifts in unique ways. We do not need to be carbon copies of each other-- in fact, 1 Corinthians is pretty specific that we are uniquely gifted to perform specific functions. So you do what Eddie can't. We're working as a team.

Keep up the good work, Van. You are a blessing to me.

Anonymous said...

Van - This devo hit the nail on the head for me. I loved it! thank you for sharing your story and your wisdom.
I love the way God uses stories throughout Scripture and in our lives to show us His truth.I love you! Melanie

Denise said...

Thank you so much for preahing the truth and then sharing how the Word is as true and relevant for a mom and wife living in 2009 as it was when it was written. God has given you a true gift of applicatio of the Word. He delights in the intimacy of you seeing God in your everyday and we all are very blessed by your willingness to share it. Thank you so much for your wonderful relatable and relational ministry that touches so many and draws them closer to Him!

Wendy Blight said...


I love how you always share your heart and your stories...it makes me know you are real just like me. Thank you for reminding someone like me (who detests change) that CHANGE/MOVEMENT is good. God uses change to do mighty works in our lives and you have taught us this Truth through God's children, both biblical and "real life."

Blessings to you sweet friend,


Paula Kathlyn said...

I just read your devotion "Shine" from the Proverbs 31 ministry website. I have to tell you that it was exactly what I needed to hear. My husband is in the army and we have the great oppportunity to choose where we would like to live next. At first it was exciting to have such freedom, but now I wish the army would just make the decision for us. Until I read this devotional. Now, it is so clear to me that I can't believe I never realized it before. It doesn't matter where we are, as long as we are God's light. Thank you for this reminder and for bringing it to light for me. This was a true encouragement on a day that started off on the wrong foot :)


Holly said...

Oh Van - we all need to hear and learn how God works in and through each of us. Thanks for sharing your story with us today. 'Remember, wherever you go, I am with you. Wherever you go take Me with you and let your light shine.' Good words my friend. Biblically sound and true. Thank you for this today.

Lisa said...

This devo will touch many hearts, mine included. Thank you for being real and honest in this post. You are a woman of great character and faith. Can't wait to see you at She Speaks!

Lisa Whittle :)

Anonymous said...

Van, I thought you did a great job putting the focus on God by encouraging us to "shine" for the Lord no matter our location, circumstances, etc. After all, we are the body of Christ and are called to allow OURSELVES to be used as a direct reflection of his love. Thank you for reminding us that there are many paths we may choose to travel while fulfilling God's will for our lives...to become more Christ like.

Anonymous said...

Good Morning Van...

Thank you for you words of encouragement when we seek direction from God and His will. We all have been at the proverbial fork in the road where we need to make life decisions and desire the Lord's will. I whole heartily agree with you that sometimes, there isn't always a "correct" choice- should I turn right or left. Or the notion that only one choice is correct and the other- wrong. In situations like yours, I too have encouraged friends to pray and seek God's will, but know that there may not be an answer that only one choice is correct. God is far more concerned that you are seeking Him and trusting Him- it's about a relationship with Him. Not putting your faith in whether you pick the "right" choice but in his continued faithfulness along the journey of your life. I love the words you referenced "if you remain in me and my words remain in you". This has been an influential verse in my prayer time over this summer. The rest of that verse (Jn 15; 7-8)state, "ask whatever you wish in my name and it will be given to you". If we take Jesus along with us EVERYWHERE and His words remain in us, all things will be given to us. Including the blessing of glorifying Him with what ever choice we are led to make. We fret too much on whether or not we are going to pick the right answer... we need to seek the peace that is available to us when we remain in Him and His words remain in us!

Forgive me for the long response... but I wanted to encourage you that I think your words are right on!!!

Cindy C.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for your message on Proverbs 31 Ministries devotional. It reminded me of the song Shine On by Mercy Me which I have claimed as my lifesong. I am about to change jobs myself and will take this truth with me praying God opens doors and allows me to see the one He places before me to reach. Your sister, Dawn

Tammy Nischan said...


I truly needed these words today! What a blessing you are. I had never thought of how often God had people "move" in the Bible and how that is such a perfect analogy to the "moves" we make in our life. Honestly, your devo makes me want to study that aspect of the Bible even more, so THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!!!!!

You have blessed me today...again!


Wendy Pope said...

You are always authentic and transparent in your writing Van. This is what makes you effective and believable.
Love you friend

Amy Abbott said...

Dear Van,

I have never read your blog before and I am happy to say I found it quite inspiring and touching. Thank you for taking the time to personalize the gospel and making it life applicable. Most importantly, thank you for emphasizing God's glory in our lives. All we need to do is shine for Him! What a wonderful assignment.

Amy Carroll said...

Thank you for your encouragement that our whole lives--moves, parenting, marriages, work, etc--are to revolve around Jesus. Your focus is right on, and you live this as well as speaking it.

Can't wait to hug you in person!


Colleen said...

It's so true that "moving" can mean a movement of the heart, even though our feet stay in the same place! God is moving my heart to change, and even though we are always growing and changing, I think this may be the greatest change in my life. I lift my eyes and my heart to the only One who could make these changes in me, and I pray for His guidance. Blessings, Van -- I appreciate your perspective!

johnsonfamilyof6 said...

I came by your blog after reading your Proverbs 31 devotional today, "Shine."
It spoke right to my heart. My husband and I are right in the middle of making a major move decision that would move our family of 6 extremely east or west. We won't know which way until literally the very last minute, before we load our moving van. We have sold our home and we are leaving our temporary living by the end of this month. Thank you for being so open and sharing your testimony. It touched my heart today.

Rachel Olsen said...

I think you've taught a very important truth in your Shine devotion, Van!

Too many times we sit still, paralyzed by decisions or wondering what God's specific choice would be and wondering why He seems silent. We can even become ineffective in His Kingdom while sitting there. Meanwhile, His Word tells us to love, to bear fruit, to serve, and to bear His image. We can do that where ever we are!

Hugs ~ Rachel

Karen said...


I just came here from reading your P31 devotion today and it is very timely for me as we are moving ... Out of the country! Thank you for reminding me that God goes with me and works His plan out through me where ever I am. He uses all of us to bring others to Him. Thank you again for speaking directly to me today.


Andrea said...

Hi Van,

Thank you so much for your encouraging devotion today! It was right in line with two messages we heard at my church - Friday, at Bible Study, and then, Sunday morning service. The first was re: Abraham - it appears in Genesis that he was called twice, in Ur of the Chaldees, and then again, at Haran. Encouragaing to see that God did that with Abraham, as well with us along the road at various times. The second lesson was on Romans 12:1-2 re: offering ourselves as living sacrifices - body and mind - to the Lord, as we are His, and the result is both His personal and universal will. Universally, we're to faithfully serve Him and let Him SHINE, like you said, now and into eternity. And personally, that can vary, as you said, and there's not always a specific answer. But still, His "good, perfect and acceptable will" is to continue in Him!
Thanks and love,

On Purpose said...

Thank you for this AMAZING reminder today that no matter where I am...including smack dab in the middle of 'mommyhood' God is using me and thats a great and beautiful thing! Thank You Van for allowing God to use you to bless so many!

Cathy said...

Van, I do understnd about God being whereever we are - if we abide in him then he will abide in us.... It is a great reminder that sometimes both choices are right..so to speak. But then how do you decide? The decision still has to be made. Where did you end up moving? I find decisions to be difficult to make because they usually involve committing to a direction..and sometimes both views look good!

Sonia D Irwin said...

Dear Van,
Thank you for sharing these thoughts today. I'm sorry for Eddie who feels so legally bound that he can not see your message...and it IS about God in our lives, guiding us every step of the way. Thank you because I've been anxious about a job decision which would require a move to my hometown and not knowing what to do. We've made a pro/con list and it does seem to swing towards a move home. I also just turned 50, my children both have their own lives and don't seem to need me as much and my parents are both still alive and I think they'd appreciate us moving back to spend more time with them. Yes, Eddie...I've used a lot of I's in this statement, but I know God will and can use us to bring others to Him. Sorry for the rambling.
God's blessing to all!!

Renee Swope said...

Hi Van!

Wow, I loved your devotion and your blog post today. Both were so applicable. God's always moving us to a new place and like you shared, His reasons vary with each relocation.

I loved your "Shine" devo today because it encourages us to have a heart that seeks Him with the desire to please and follow, but also know His grace that is uncomplicated and not cumberson. His yoke is easy, His burden is light. As you so beautifully pointed out, when we embrace His purpose for us to SHINE whereever we are, it takes the pressure off to perform. It releases us from the fear of disappointing God when we know that we can simply shine His life and love and He will be so pleased.

I love you and I love your writing. You bring God's Words and insights to 'light' in such powerful ways every time you write something. You truly are gifted!

Love you!

van walton said...

First of all I want to thank each of you for you precious encouraging comments. It makes the hard times worth the while - if just one other soul can be blessed by circumstances gone out of control - or so it may seem. Thank you for lifting my spirits, for encouraging me to write, for letting me live life and be open about the zig zag directions I experience.

Cathy asked a qeustion about making a decision. She wrote me and asked where did you end up? How do you make the right choices.

We made a choice for the family. The town we chose had neighborhood schools so our boys could walk to school. IT seemed so family friendly. Also one location was closer to extended family, so I could drive to visit grandparents. Also one location required less travel away from home for my husband. We made a choice for the family.

When making choices ask yourself these questions:
Does it line up with Biblical wisdom and truth?
Do I have any doubts or reservations about one or the other choice.
Ask a godly friend to give you her/his insight.
Make a pro/con list.
Be objective. God gave us intelligence. Go for it. Remember, If you are in the palm of his hand, you can never go too far from him! I hope this answered your question. Any one else out there have some insight for Cathy? Also remember to always - Shine!

ANITA said...

Ciao Van,
This is Anita from Italy.Would like to thank u for your words of wisdom and encouragement.I am at a stage in my life where I am waiting for His plans to be revealed.I'ts a tough time but have decide " to let go and let God" coz he knows what's best for me.Thanks and A BIG GOD BLESS

Lysa TerKeurst said...

Van... I think the way you wove your story in with powerful Scriptural truths was perfect.

Jesus taught in stories and often wove Scripture in them because this works! The power of a story is that it illustrates, illuminates, and introduces the reality of the untouchable.

That's the calling of Proverbs--- teaching women in everyday ways how to touch and get in touch with God. And you fulfill this beautifully.

yellodaisy said...

Dear Van,
When I was in college I asked the "what is God's will for my life" question often. I wish I knew then what I know now. God's will for my life is to love Him and know Him more and more everyday. And to share that love for those around me. I could have saved myself alot of sleepless nights!

B His Girl said...

Van, May the Lord continue to shine His face on you : ) I loved your devotion. B

Anonymous said...

Hi Van,
Great devo!

As a new Christian I remember wrestling with every difficult or uncomfortable decision and whine and beg for God to put a billboard on the side of the road saying, "Ginny I want you to blah, blah, blah." God never did--imagine that! I began to discover that the more time I spent with Him and the better I knew Him I was better able to discern what His will was for my life and I could better "hear" His answers.

I also realized that I probably heard Him more than I admitted I just didn't always want to agree with what He was saying!!! Rather like a 2 year old (or a teenager), huh?

Whether His answers are obvious or a little harder to understand He is always working something in us through the process. What a great Father!

Thanks for sharing your stories and your heart. I've learned so many things about the Lord from my sweet sisters and their transparency with me.

Blessings--Ginny :)

Eddie Louis said...

Much of the emptiness among Christians today stems from being content with accepting doctrinal truth without inwardly applying it to daily experience. For many all is well if one is conservative or orthodox in doctrine and opposes error. Yet, surely, it must be obvious from the Word that we only measure up spiritually in the eyes of God as we truly inwardly accept and outwardly express His Word in our daily thoughts and conduct. Obviously, we can't live it if we don't know it. This points out the necessity of reading all the bible, unless we possess HIS life through the indwelling HOLY SPIRIT, and live by HIS ENABLING,we lack what is indispenasable to spiritual growth and power.eddielouis@bellsouth.net

With love in CHRIST Eddie Harris

B His Girl said...

: ) You have had an active post girl. I pray God's peace to cover you and for your life to be a testimony of His everlasting love! Have fun at She Speaks. Last year was such a special time with the Lord and lots of beautiful women. May the Lord do might things there again. B