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Monday, August 3, 2009


Good morning fellow move-hers!

Have I been on the move this past week! I feel as if I have already reached the Promised Land! I want to stop and go no further.

The Promised Land I mention is the She Speaks conference I attended this weekend along with 600+ women.

I thought about listing the highlights of my weekend. There were so many I decided to narrow it down to my time with the wonderful women I met through the speaker evaluation group.

Oh my! Who am I to pretend to be the expert move-her advisor? Who in the world… but here I am because I obediently answered God and said, “Yes,” to using my story to encourage others on the move.

So – you may ask? What impressed you so about the women you met in your group?

My answer – Each one had a story or a lesson of moving proportions and each, in the midst of life’s HUGE struggles had the opportunity to shake a fist at God or move closer to Him.

Each lady moved closer to God and I don’t mean closer like – “I know with God all things are possible so I will just endure this trial.”

NO! She moved and allowed God to change her heart.

She allowed God to shine His light through her broken places.
I learned that NOTHING is impossible with God.

I sat and listened and strong and courageous women stood on THE SOLID ROCK and described how God can take the most challenging of circumstances and turn them into the mightiest of opportunities.
Let me just get to the point.

We can bless others with God’s Truth – we all have a Father who loves us.
We can stay on a Godly course, forgiving and loving others, even when people disrespect and abuse us.

We can use our experiences in God’s Word to speak life and healing into the lives of our neighbors.

We can parent with confidence and dignity in the midst of fear and uncertainty.

We can offer peace in the midst of a cruel and chaotic world.

We can rise to the challenge of keeping a husband’s eyes always on his bride.

We can face the debilitating giants of depression.

We can survive the death of a spouse and provide for our many children.
We can learn to accept the loss of a little brother.

We can learn to trust God even when a son dies not having known Jesus.

We can thrive even though our mistakes threaten to derail us because we know…
God is able and He has made us remarkABLE!
Lysa TerKeurst

This weekend 11 women moved me to a new place in my life- an oasis where once again God’s Truth has been affirmed because these ladies allowed God to exchange their weaknesses for His strength.

They encouraged me, they challenged me to



Brittney said...


Thank you for being a blessing to all of us this weekend. I had a great and challenging time!

"Brittney's blog" at hisradiowrtp.com

B His Girl said...

Let your light shine before men...You already shined but I'm sure you were polished more there. Iron sharpening iron. How beautiful. May you move deeper in your walk with Jesus and God continue to use you in ways that exceed your imagination. Tracie told the story about the lady from housekeeping asking you about she speaks. God has ordered our steps. That's why you 'move' in freedom. Blessing to you Van, B

Mari said...

Hi Van:

You are such an encourager. I just love your spirit. Being in your group made it so easy to do something that was, for most of us, quite terrifying. You bring out the best in people! You really motivated and challenged us. Thank you so much!

It was truly a privilege to get to know you. Hopefully I can hang out with you some if I am not in your eval group at next year's She Speaks!

The Incredible Shrinking Woman said...

You are nothing short of unforgettable! I love how you sieze the journey with God by the horns and run with it, pistols blazing!!! From one pistol to another, you made my weekend sublime! Meeting you was great, but meeting my Jesus in the deepest places of my heart was the best part of the weekend. You'll have to settle for spot number 2!
Your friend from the elevator-
Charlie, strong with the magnetic force

Shelly @ Life on the Wild Side said...

Oh Van, what a wonderful take on the weekend. I love how you said that each of us faced difficulties, but we all made a choice to follow hard after Jesus. That's so true! And such a great summary of our group.

I will never forget you or the other members of our group this weekend. It was a humbling, special time that stretched me beyond what I ever thought I could do.

God bless you for giving so much of yourself to us this weekend, Van. You are amazing!

Tracy Alicia Vinson said...

I know how to abound and I know how to abase! I just didn't expect it to keep happening again and again over those four incredible days!!

As B stated out of Proverbs, iron sharpens iron. Encouraged...yes...Blessed...beyond measure...convicted...you bet!

Thank you for positioning yourself before the Lord in such a way that He could use you to speak to us and guide us. Thank you for your obedience in the late hours, inviting so many into your room, and being willing to step out of the "schedule."

Ladies, it was a privilege to learn from you, be blessed by you, to lift up His Holy Name together!

Definitely felt in the garden!
Tracy Vinson

Cheryl Thompson said...

Van, it was wonderful to meet you and get to know you and your personal ministry as much as could be in such a short time. Thank you for your great encouragement to us rookies in the speaker track. You were great!

Sue said...

Hey Van,
My friend, Tammy, encouraged me to visit your blog and I'm so glad I did. I too like collecting friends. Not to say I have a lot of friends, but to learn from each of them. I can see I can learn many things from you.