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Friday, January 22, 2010

Always Ready?

Welcome to my little corner of the garden. I am honored that you would drop by today to spend time with me. It is my prayer that you leave with hope and encouragement, convinced you were created for a great purpose. May you shine as you journey through that jungle out there!

If you have dropped in after reading Today's Encouragement from the Proverbs 31 devotional- thank you. What an honor to have you visit me!

The whole subject of fireworks along with the idea of being ready takes me back to my childhood. It seems to me I spent many an evening getting ready for my daddy to arrive home at the end of the day. I looked forward to his return because evenings spent with him included games, bike rides, kite flying, reading stories, and, if he had traveled out of town and was coming home after several days absence, it meant he might be bringing a tiny gift.

When I was young and innocent my daddy’s arrival each evening was the highlight of my day.

Then I grew up, became a rebellious teen, thought I was too independent for my daddy, and even made some choices that broke his heart.

On one such occasion I arrived home in the middle of the afternoon and, much to my surprise, I found my daddy sitting in his big chair.

“What was he doing home so early?”

My heart filled with dread. I immediately felt the guilt. Had he come home from work to reprimand me and scold me? If so, I wasn’t surprised. I deserved what I had coming. I had made a very bad choice the previous weekend and now I knew. The word had gotten out. It was time for the dreaded “talk.”

I’ll never forget my dad’s voice when I walked through the door. He did raise his voice. He didn’t scold. He simply asked me to sit down beside him and talk.

I flew past him, heading to my room. I hung my head in shame, hoping he couldn’t see my guilty face.

But his voice followed me and I knew I had to meet with him face to face.

I will never forget that day because it was a day my dad came home early. On any other occasion I would have rejoiced at having him to myself. Not this afternoon.

After sitting and talking with him, answering questions that I know disappointed him, I wished for another outcome. How different that afternoon would have been had I run through the door searching for the man I so loved. How wonderful it would have been had I been able to throw myself happily into his arms, have him twirl me around, throw me into the air, celebrating our relationship and then sit me on his lap…

but no

I was afraid. I felt shame. I wanted to run and hide.

All because I had not been honest. I had disobeyed, misbehaved, broken the trust

I did learn a lesson though:

I have a heavenly Father who knows everything I do. He calls me his. He loves me and wants the best for me. He created a way for me to live with Him joyfully forever. One day I am going to walk through a door and my Father in heaven will be sitting on his throne. When I walk into his presence I want to - not walk, but run. I want to experience the freedom of throwing myself into his arms. I want to look deep and long into his face. I want to hear him say – “well done.”

I know the choice is mine. I know one day I will see God. He has forgiven me for my dishonest deeds, my disobedience, my misbehavior…

Even so, I don’t want to feel shame or fear or think I don’t deserve his love, shrinking from his presence.

The Bible is very clear and God’s Word details what pleases Him.

I want to please my God so I can enjoy his presence.

And so, until that day I’ll make it my goal to search his Word learning how to please him byr growing in godliness.

Perhaps you feel that something from your past is so shameful God would never forgive you. Please know God loves you and wants to heal your hurts and wash away whatever you believe might separate you from him. Let me recommend a book, I found to be very helpful in putting my past behind me so I could laugh at the future: Hidden Joy in a Dark Corner by Wendy Blight

Maybe you are afraid. You can't face your fears. You believe the world and not God's Word. Won't you consider reading a book that put the whole idea of fear in perspective for me: An Untroubled Heart by Micca Campbell.  God did not design fear. He is the author of freedom and hope!

Do you know what delights God? Jesus said when we reach out to the poor and needy it is as if we were reaching out to Him. Right now I cannot think of anyone who needs our help more than the Haitians who have suffered such extreme loss. Proverbs 31 Ministries has partnered with Compasson International to help feed, clothe, and educate needy children and right now you can contribute to the efforts to send relief through Compassion International who has had a presence in Haiti for many years and is working at this moment to comfort thousands.  Won't you help a child today in torn-apart Haiti by sending a contribution to CI? 



Anonymous said...

I so enjoyed your devotion today and had to take a peek at who you were........I do that often and then I sorta get "to know" the gals who write these wonderful devotions.. I am new to these.....started in Jan. God bless you and keep on writing for the Kingdom of God. Birdie

Anonymous said...

I too am a newbie to Proverbs 31. I can truthfully say you all have been a big part of my faith journey. I am giving a talk on a Woman's ACTS retreat in Feb. on Prayer and I have been truly enlightened by your website. Thank you Van, for being part of my fireworks!

heather u said...

wow- i have always loved the unexpected beauty of fireworks! while i cannot identify with an earthly father, i do identify with being ashamed of a time when i did something that in my humanness, i feel is unforgiveable- but who am i to say what God can do? How arrogant of me to think i can decide if He forgives me or not. especially when His Word tells that He does so freely and lovingly! and once again, i long to be in His presence ever more! i feel His love everyday, i know that i am unworthy and that i fall short often, but i strive to learn His ways and thirst for His Word more each day...sometimes finding a beautiful display lighting up the page in the most unexpected places as i did last night reading through 1 Chronicles- all of a sudden- there it was - the prayer of Jabez and verse 10 ...and God granted his request- WOW! beautiful display of love! Thank you, Van, for today's encouragement ♥

Jennifer said...

Such a perfect picture of our Heavenly father seen through your own dad....no doubt, all of us can remind those times we disappointed our parents and the guilt, shame and even fear that goes with. My dad is now in Heaven but even now those memories still break my heart. How I don't want to stand before the Lord with those feelings - they are deserved but I am forgiven. What a treasure.

I also enjoy a visit to your blog - thanks for the blessing today.

Anonymous said...

I got goosebumps and tears when I read your description of getting to heaven and RUNNING into His arms and looking up into His face. Oh how exciting! I can't wait!! Sue

Jodie said...

Thank you Van for your honest heart I can see already, just reading your devotion one day. We ladies need each other, I invite you to my new venture of blogging: www.jodiessite.com....

ps. just a tip, I'm also with blogspot but now you can change it to just read without the "blogspot' for free! Bless you lady!..

KELLY said...

Wow Van, what a beautiful comparison! I have followed P31 for a short period of time, but feel like all the girls are my personal friends through Facebook!! I love your blog and loved reading all about you. Again, thank you for that wonderful comparison that is so true. This is a devotion that I will save and read again and again.

Micca said...

Hi Van, Great post and beautiful devotion. It blessed my heart!

also, thank you for sharing my book with your visitors.
Love you, friend!

Melanie said...

Hi Van, I loved your perspective of our Heavenly Father. I'm going to print this out and meditate on it today. Love you friend. mel

Anonymous said...

I found your site today and really enjoyed your devotion. I also wanted to learn more and followed your link. I have goosebumps just thinking about how wonderful it will be to see Jesus. I plan to make reading your devotions a daily occurrence. Thank you for letting the Lord speak to me through you.

Anonymous said...

I've been enjoying your devotionals since the first week of January and they are very touchy and inspirational. I thought I might meet you through your picture and I was able to put your face to your personality. I am so glad you share your heart and at the same time encourage me. He who began a good work in you will continue to fulfill it. God bless you.

Digging for Pearls said...

Hi Van!

Just wanted to let you know you are in my prayers.