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Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Wednesdays are for Waiting

What does waiting look like?

One of my students gave me three little ugly bulbs for Christmas. What a nice gift. I planted them in the potting soil that came along in the gift box. I watered the dirt and set the flower pot in a window. Then I could do nothing but wait. From day to day I glanced toward the flower pot wondering how long it would be before the little shoots pressed up toward the sun.

Ah! Here they come.

How long before they bloom. I watched and waited…
Daily the paper whites stretched taller and taller.

Then I noticed these little “pockets.” Was the flower hidden in there?

IT wasn’t long before one by one these lovely little flowers burst out.

First one:

And then another.

This is a perfect picture of our waits. Deep in our lives a flower is waiting to bloom. It’s there. Have hope~ there is a bloom inside every life!

Even in the dead of winter.


Laura said...

How beautiful they are! I'm in one of those stall times, Van. Having trouble being patient. This helps.
Thank you, sweet friend:)

Anonymous said...

What a beautiful analogy! The pictures are lovely as well. Thank you for sharing this post!