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Saturday, January 9, 2010


I know Christmas is OVER, but as I read in my newly assigned Bible study I can't help but draw a parallel between shopping for my husband, and wondering how I can please God.

Does that seem like a strange comparrison to you?

What to give the man who has it all?

A month ago I told my husband what I wanted for Christmas . I asked him what he wanted and he said, "Nothing." We got into an interesting conversation, him saying that gifting meaninless and unwanted gifts is a waste. I was offended. I wanted to give him SOMETHING, but he wouldn't have it!

Then, as I received presents from girlfriends and students I began to understand. Don't get me wrong - I LOVED the STARBUCKS cards, cash, scarves, jars of homemade jellies, and cookies and treats- I loved them. But what if I had really been on a diet or didn't drink coffee or ... what if I couldnt use or enjoy the gifts I had received, you know - THE UGLY CHRISTMAS SWEATER! 

I guess that's why write letters to Santa, make wish lists, and create gift registries.

With that in mind, let me build a bridge to Leviticus:   

Over the course of the week I have read the first 3 chapters of Leviticus.

Round and round I go. Lots of repetition.

Sort of like driving up a mountain. Driving up a mountain is different than walking up or taking a ski lift or gondola. The lifts and trams go straight up to the summit. A ride in the car takes longer because the beginning point at the base doesn't head straight up, rather the road winds round and round the mountain.

That is how I feel reading these chapters in Leviticus. 

It's tedious reading. Consequently I take notes, fill in charts, draw pictures, and highlight. 

And then it begins to dawn on me! 

This book is God's wish list - His gift registry. Please don't think I am being shallow. I am just trying to apply what I have learned. 

There is nothing I can give God that is worthy of Him.

So he devised a way for His people to GIFT Him.    

The sacrifices spelled out in Leveticus are a series of lists that describe what He wants from us - that simple.

Now we can do what I did - I went out and bought my husband what I wanted him to have...


we can do what my husband did for me. He gave me what I wanted.

Want to know what God wants from you-

Read Leviticus with me  and



Jennifer said...

Can't wait to go read Leviticus - right now!

Wendy Blight said...

Thank you for this wonderful post. I LOVE how you found Truth and something we can PRACTICLLY apply from the book of Leviticus.

I am praying for you and your family. May He continue to surround You with His Love and keep you close to His heart.

Love you,